Coming soon: New eXpress design for Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2.

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The Ultimate Desktop, Laptop & Home Theater Keyboard


We've taken the BulletTrain eXpress to a whole new level. We've taken everything we learned over the years and incorporated it into this amazing new model. With the eXpress, we've maintained the unmistakable and instantly recognizable BulletTrain design language, while adding some incredible features.

Industrial Strength Design

The eXpress is much more than just an Apple keyboard tray or Apple trackpad holder. It is a complete Game Changer. The eXpress combines Apple's Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into an ultra-ergonomic and truly portable laptop-style configuration for your desk, lap or Media Center.

The eXpress is constructed of high-strength, glass-reinforced polycarbonate, which provides a much lighter, durable, and stylish eXpress. We've significantly improved the shape making the eXpress even more lap friendly, as well as adding an ingenious new "snap-in" method to attach the keyboard and trackpad.

Turn Your Desktop Into A Laptop


Want to free-up more than 50% of your precious desktop real-estate? Do you want to clean-up your desktop workspace and turn it into a Zen-garden-like minimalist masterpiece? Then the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform was designed and made just for you.

Not only is the eXpress the ultimate desktop keyboard, but it's also the ultimate laptop keyboard. That's right, it's the only keyboard we know of, you can pick-up off your desk and place comfortably on your lap, or even walk around with on a stage while giving a keynote presentation. Try doing that with a any other keyboard and mouse, or trackpad. Whatever the task, the express makes doing it an ergonomic dream. You're in complete control.

Editing video for your next film or TV show? Doing graphics work for print or web? There's no job too big or small for the eXpress. When it's time to kick back and relax, the eXpress really shines. With your eXpress on your lap, you can now control your Mac Mini Media Center or Home Theater PC from the comfort of your favorite couch or chair.

Even better, if you are sitting in-front of your large flat-screen TV using your eXpress, you can hand it to any friend or family member, and they know exactly what to do with it. You can even pair multiple eXpress keyboard platforms with the same computer, so both teacher and student can collaborate on the same computer without having to pass a keyboard and mouse back and forth.

The BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform is covered by the following US Patents:
- Design Patent US D695750
- Design Patent US D686630
- Utility Patent US 8,807,052 B2