LOVE For the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 6 Plus

"I am LOVING my SAFE Wallet! While on a ladder, I managed to drop my iPhone 6 Plus from a height of about 3ft. I freaked out, thinking my phone would shatter as it hit the hard floor—but my wonderful BulletTrain case kept it from being damaged!!! I am thrilled with the protection!!!"

–Jaye B.

"I got my SAFE Wallet case for my iPhone 6+ a little over a month ago and I love it! It has changed my wallet situation FOREVER, and I don't think I can function without it"

–Austin W.

"I really love this product and can't go without it!"

–Terry H.

"I've enjoyed using the SAFE Wallet. I had several different wallet cases while waiting for the Kickstarter project, and this is the best!!! It hold everything I needed in an elegant compact format."

–Naiming W.

"I really love the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, and have completely stopped using my wallet!"

–Eric J.

"I have been a great supporter of your products and I think they are great!!! I have had two SAFE Wallets so far - one for my iPhone 5 and another for my current iPhone 6 Plus. I have really enjoyed using them, and the best thing is I don’t carry a wallet anymore as there is enough storage for the all the essentials! Keep up the great work!"

–Hari R.

"Before discovering the SAFE Wallet, my iPhone was safely housed in the geeky, leathery case called the Book Book by TwelveSouth. While I love the design and craftsmanship of the Book Book, I didn't like that my cards and IDs were exposed to the world when I bent the case back to speak on the phone. Not only are the cards in the SAFE Wallet closed away, during phone calls, the SAFE Wallet is so slim that prying eyes have no idea that it's a wallet case in the first place.

You can't go wrong with the SAFE Wallet!"

–Mike V.

"I absolutely love my SAFE Wallet!"

–Dale J.

"I LOVE this phone case and everyone asks me about it!!!"

–Chris P.

"I absolutely love this case and it was definitely worth the wait!"

–Meg G.

"I just received my SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus. I like it very much!!! I used to carry my iPhone in an iLid wallet case. I really like the utility of carrying the phone as a wallet!!!"

–John D.

"If you are in the market for a wallet case, SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is the case for you. No obstructions to the camera, as slim as possible (it is a wallet case after all), and feels great in the hand!!

I've used both the SAFE Wallet on my 5 and now my 6+. Wonderful product backed by a company that goes well beyond the extra mile to make sure you have the product you ordered. I've owned a lot of wallet cases over the years and nothing comes close to the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Kate R.

"So I received this case for Christmas 2015, after a lot of review of other wallet cases this one looked to be the one that I liked the most by design. I have only put 2-3 cards in it at a time but it could easily fit 5-6.

At some point after having it for a week or so the top clip on the door broke, not sure if I dropped it or what, I immediately emailed Alex and he replied fairly quickly (within a few hours) and he was more than helpful, he had a new one shipped out for me within 24 hours!!!! Great customer service experience."

–Samantha J.

"It's the best case I've ever owned. I supported the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallet and received many, many compliments. I bought the case for the iPhone 6+ and I noticed a slight problem with it. Alex was understanding and accommodating and sent me a new case with no problem. I dare someone to invent something better!!!!! Thank you, Alex and Jake!!!"

–Sean V.

"Phenomenal product!!!! We've bought many Safe Wallets as the iPhones have increased in number in our home. Most recently, I bought a SAFE Wallet 6 Plus. I received my new case today, less than a week later. This is incredible customer service and the perfect way to keep a customer. Thank you Bullet Train, thank you Alex. Keep up the good work and great products!

I'm a customer for life!


–Sis H.

"The package arrived today. Thanks again for the great customer service. This is the second SAFE Wallet I have bought and I tell people to check them out every chance I get!!!"

–Michael C.

"Wow, I love my SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 6s Plus!!!"


"I love this SAFE Wallet more and more everyday. It is exactly what I have been looking for!!!"

–Roger J.

"I’m so addicted to the SAFE Wallet, I held off on upgrading iPhones until the new SAFE Wallet shipped! I used my iPhone 5s with the SAFE Wallet for quite a while, but it made my upgrade to the iPhone 6s Plus that much sweeter to have the new SAFE Wallet!!!

I can’t live without this thing!!!"

–Niv G.

"I saw your Kickstarter for the case a while back when I still had an Android, and as soon as I got an iPhone around Thanksgiving, it was the first thing I ordered for it!!! It's now my favorite phone case, and the only one I use!!!!"


"I ordered a SAFE wallet for the 6 Plus way back and received during first shipment. Well worth the wait!!! It was everything I had hoped for, great design, and I replaced my wallet and freed up my pockets! Cannot say enough great things about the SAFE Wallet!!!"

–John M.

"I absolutely love my SAFE Wallet, and I have used it every day since I received it!!!"

–Emily S.

"My SAFE Wallet arrived, and I love it!!!!  Thank you so much!!!"

–Lynne J.

"I’ve been using the SAFE Wallet for a long time, and it’s been amazing! I always get compliments at the store, and anywhere else I use my iPhone or my wallet! Thanks BulletTrain!"

–Eric S.

"Your product is amazing. I have to thank you so much for producing this cover as I do not carry a wallet anymore!!!

This was a lifesaver for me last year when I ended up on crutches for 6 months, as I couldn't carry a handbag!! To this day, I only carry my iPhone 6 Plus & car keys around.   LOVE, LOVE, love my SAFE Wallet!!!! 

Thanks again!!!"


"Thank you very much!  This is a fantastic product!"

–Robby B.

"Thank you so much! Your customer service Is as superior as your product! "

–Meryl B.

"Thank you for your help, and I love the SAFE Wallet!"

–Trevor N.

"I know I will need a backup, because I never plan on being without a SAFE Wallet again!!! Even if something disastrous happens to my iPhone, I could never go back to a wallet after having a SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Andy P.

"I love the SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Danielle B.

"This is my third BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and I absolutely love it!!!!"

–Mark L.

"I’m really happy with the SAFE Wallet!"

–Joseph F.

"I really love these cases! I have finally received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and I love it as much as the one I had for my iPhone 5!!! Whenever I pay for something the cashier almost always asks where I got the case from cause it's so unique and practical!"

–Dawne S.

"My iPhone has survived a few drops without being damaged. I have really enjoyed its features, and it is the best wallet phone case I've ever had!!

9 times out of 10, I no longer carry a wallet or purse! 🙌🏼"


"I've received many compliments on the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and have had nothing but good things about it!!"

–Shawn M.

"As soon as I received my SAFE Wallet, I knew I would LOOOOVVEEE it!!! As a SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5s user, my expectations were high—and they were exceeded.

Take heart in knowing you have put out a ground-breaking product, and ignore the snarky comments.

The SAFE Wallet really is a game changer. So convenient!!! Honestly it's hard to imagine having a iPhone and not having a SAFE Wallet to go with it!!!"

–Bill G.

"I love my SAFE Wallet! It has finally freed me of carrying a phone and wallet!!!!"

–Chad S.

"I love my SAFE Wallet for my 6 Plus. It has helped me remove my bill fold wallet from my back pocket to a wallet and phone combo. I love it!!!"

–Philip H.

"I've had my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 6 Plus now for a couple months and I wish to tell you how happy I am with the product!!! It looks so thin out of the box, but it's clearly the strength of the phone the design relies upon. I love it and I've been asked about it many times! Great job on this product!!!"

–Jason C.

"LOVE my SAFE Wallet!"

–Sydney L.

"I don't want to part with my SAFE Wallet, even for a day. It's too darn practical to live without!!!"

–David Y.

"The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus was worth the wait.  Love it!"

–Mike S.

"I just received the iPhone 6 Plus SAFE Wallet and love it!!"

–Tim D.

"Thanks BulletTrain. loving the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus so far :) "

–Steve Z.

"I'm enjoying my SAFE Wallet. You guys did a great job with it! Thanks again!!"

–Rob S.

"I love THE SAFE WALLET!!!!! I had one on my iPhone 5, and am now VERY happy with the new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!!! Great job!!!"

–Carey R.

"I received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and I'm enjoying it! I’m looking forward to having the SAFE Pen too!"

–Anita G.

"I love the SAFE Wallet by the way. This is the best phone case I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot!!!"

–Mark M.

"I’m still loving my versatile SAFE Wallet 6 Plus. Great product! As always thanks for an amazing product and fantastic customer service!"

—Eric N.

"I held off on getting the iPhone 6 Plus because there were no good wallet cases on the market. When I found the SAFE Wallet, I placed my order right away! Now that I've had a chance to use it, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is the best case I've ever had! I have used it now for a couple of weeks, and love it more every day.

I have severe arthritis in my hands, and was concerned I would have problems opening the case to access the card slot. The case opens easily, even when I’m having a “bad joint day” but it holds securely so I don’t have to worry about it opening unexpectedly.

I love that it really doesn’t add any bulk to the already large iPhone 6 Plus. For years, I had used the Otterbox Commuter series wallet case for my old iPhone 5, and LOVEd it, but I never liked the extra bulk it added at the bottom of the phone. Your wallet case is perfectly balanced and makes it less tiring to hold.

I love that it can hold more than 3 cards, so I can just grab my phone and go and have 99.99% of everything I need in the one case. Heavenly. I’m probably the only woman on the face of the earth that HATES purses, never have liked them, and despises carrying one.

The secret compartment is a wonderful touch. While I wish I could stash hundred dollar bills in there, it is just large enough for me to keep emergency medication in it. Now I don’t have to worry about carrying a pill bottle with me. I have been telling everyone how convenient this case is and that it is worth every penny. I can’t thank you enough for designing it, and making it available to the public for a realistic price. I have been telling everyone what a fantastic case it is. Design it for lessor phones (i.e., not the iPhone,) and you will rule the phone wallet case market."

–Jaye B.

"I've had my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus Stealth Black for about a month, and have been really enjoying going wallet-free again!  I was a long time user of the SafeWallet for the iPhone 5 until I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s so great to have the SAFE Wallet back in my everyday carry!!"

–Colin N.

"I appreciate the hard work and innovative design of your SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! The 6 Plus model is much more streamlined compared to the 5 model. I can’t wait to see what BulletTrain comes up with for the iPhone 7!!!"

–Dan H.

"I received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and it fits like a glove! I'm so happy to finally be able to use my SAFE Wallet with my iPhone 6 Plus!!!

You guys have done an amazing job !! Please keep up the hard work ... I can't wait to see what is to come for the SAFE Wallet family!"

–Donna A.

"I use a SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 6S Plus, and I love it!!!"

–Mark N.

"I just received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, and it is great!!! My sister was here when I opened the package, so now I’ll be probably have to order another one soon for her! Thanks again!"

–Czarfred R.

"I LOVE the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! Your web site showed the secret compartment can fit 2 x $100 bill. I find that depending on how you fold them you can actually fit 3 x $100 bills! What an AWESOME case!!!"

–Micah A.

"I received the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and it is awesome!!!"

–Ahmed S.

"Ask and it shall be given!! I got my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus in my mail today and am loving it!! Thanks!!!"

–Jack Y.

"Just received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus for my iPhone 6+. Looks and feels great!!!"

–Andre B.

"I love the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!!!  I keep freakin out wondering where my old leather wallet is?  So glad to be rid of it!!!"

–Kevin K.

"My SAFE Wallet 6 Plus arrived in Australia last Friday, I've used it for the past 4 days, and I've gotta be totally honest..... It is bloody AWESOME!!!!! I know over the campaign I commented numerous times in regards to the delays, but I've gotta tell you that I am really impressed with my new SAFE Wallet. I've had multiple people asking where "the hell did you get that?"

Not sure what all the fuss is about in regards to the case being "slippery", I find the smoother texture easier to manoeuvre the SAFE Wallet in and out of my jeans pocket..

Thanks for all the effort from the guys at Bullet Train.... And thanks for an AWESOME product."

–Nick C.

"@BulletTrainSF Wow! Received my SAFE Wallet 6+. Worth the wait. It leaves ALL iPhone covers and so-called wallets for dust! Big thanks! #SAFEWallet "


"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have my iPhone in a SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!! I love this case and your design team did a fantastic job maximizing function while maintaining minimalistic form. I have received several compliments. I have several android users wanting this case. I will forever be a loyal customer!

I had your case on my 5s and it held up to a toddler throwing it out the car window, falling into the bathtub (cards didn't have any water on them!!), and many other concerning times. My friend loves his SAFE Wallet too, and sees why I am a huge fan of your product. Please keep up the great work!!"

–Akiko W.

"My husband received his SAFE Wallet 6 Plus case, and loves it!!!"

–Sara H.

"I don’t usually provide reviews, but decided to do so because this is an excellent product. I pre-ordered a black SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and received it about a week ago. The case is sleek, slim and very, very attractive. I was able to pop the phone in and pop it out (to put on a lanyard) and in again, without any problems.

I have put 2 credit cards, a driver’s license, an insurance card, a Starbucks card and a $20 bill in the main compartment. The cards did not rattle or fall out. I also put two bills and a check in the secret compartment without any issues. I’ve been able to use the kickstand in either directions and had no issues with the wallet case being too 'slippery'. I also like the fact that you can plug headphones and chargers without struggling.

In the few days that I have had this wallet case, I have received more compliments than I can ever remember receiving for any other cases I have had. This wallet case is both functional and attractive and I certainly have no regrets ordering this. Congrats to all in BulletTrain!"

–Cycee K.

"LOVE MY NEW SAFE WALLET BulletTrain Case!!!  I don't know how many cases and small billfolds I have tried and used $$$$$, but this answers all my issues.  Best decision I ever made and although I had to wait until they were available, it was well worth the wait!!!"

–Denny G.

"I’m really happy to finally be using the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s working great!!! Great product and worth the wait, especially since there is nothing else on the market that compares to this case! The SAFE Wallet fits all of my essentials, so I no longer carry a wallet!"

–Kevin K.

"I finally got my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus I ordered months ago, and I still think it is worth waiting for!!!"

–Randi M.

"I just received the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus as I was apart of the Kickstarter. I like the case and think it is awesome!!!"

–Kevin M.

"I am a recent Kickstarter recipient of the iPhone 6 Plus SAFE Wallet and am enjoying it thus far! Not having to carry a wallet was definitely worth the wait! Congratulations again on the success of the SAFE Wallet 6 Pus. I look forward to more future innovations from BulletTrain!"

–Adam C.

"I’m stoked to say that my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus arrived today! I'm so eager to receive it and I’m pleased to say it’s everything and more that I expected - it’s brilliant! Totally worth the wait! Big thanks to Alex and Jake for getting this to market - it leaves every other iPhone cover and so-called iPhone wallet for dust!

I’ll continue to spread the word - though I don’t really have to - every time someone new sees my SAFE (like it was on the 5S) - the ask ‘where did you get that?’ - such great products do their own business development!"

–Michael R.

"OMG, you certainly do have a lot of negative backers! It's a shame that these people don't have any real lives.

It's also a shame that the positive backers don't publish their results more as well!!! I know that I for one will absolutely LOVE using this case.

I'm not exactly sure what these negative backers were expecting. From what I can see it looks awesome and I find the sides to be very handleable!"

–Pete H.

"My new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus fits my new 6s Plus fine and I can get it on and off without issues.

One thing I really like about this case is that the hard plastic makes pressing the power and volume buttons more difficult. I was often inadvertently pressing them and frequently shutting off my phone when I'd try to use the volume up button as a shutter. That's almost impossible with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!"

–Dave S.

"KUDOS on all of the technical accomplishments of the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus. As a design engineer you must be ecstatically proud. You figured out how to do something that wasn't supposed to be or capable of being done with plastic!"

–Todd Vandewater

"The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus is the best iPhone case I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot. Thanks for the hard work guys."

–Nick R.

"I'm glad I talked my girlfriend into backing you on Kickstarter! The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus more than exceeded my expectations. No matter what others have said, it's not cheap at all. I'm quite amazed at its thinness for what it can hold. Congrats guys, you now have backers for life."

–Anthony H.

"Got my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus yesterday—the materials and quality feel great! It took a while but it looks like you really put in the time to make it right. Well done."

–Darrin M.

"This is great! It functions smoothly and does exactly what I wanted a wallet case to do, and that's hold my phone and act as my wallet. It seems very tough already, seeing as I have already dropped it getting out of my truck and it didn't crack or open. I think this case is a winner!!!""

–Cody S.

"WOW! I just received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! This case is amazing!!! Thank you so much for the help getting it to me before the weekend!

I will let all my friends & family know about this.... Great design!!!!"

–Nick L.

"I received the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, and I think it's great!!!"

–Alvin P.

"I received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus, and I am loving this thing! I had the iPhone 5 model and the 6 Plus takes it to a whole new level!"

–Tim A.

"Just got my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus yesterday and I am in love with it as are my friends!! Is there a website where they can order one themselves? You guys made an AMAZING product!"

–Min K.

"I'm really happy about getting my SAFE Wallet for my 6 Plus!!!"

–Amith S.

"I just received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus today. It is pretty great!"

–Richard M.

"On Friday I received the 6 Plus BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It looks and feels very nice. I am passing it on to my wife who inherited my old iPhone 6 Plus. I am personally looking forward to the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6 model! This is my third Kickstarter backing with you and I have not been disappointed yet!"

–Joe C.

"I just received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and it fits and looks awesome!"

–Justin S.

"Just received the new case today, and it really is amazing, and well worth the long wait! I never write reviews but for everyone who is still waiting I would have done it all over again. I tried several other card holding cases and they all were junk. I understand people's frustration in all the delays but felt you did a very good job keeping us all updated. At times I second-guessed how good the case was going to be, but everyone will see it REALLY is everything you said it would be and so far I couldn't be happier!!!

It is the same size as the other cases I tried, but holds way more cards, has the secret compartment for memory sticks and best of all when you open it everything is more secure, so the cards don't fall out like all the other cases I tried. It looks and feels great and isn't slippery. If I was to order more for gifts when would they ship now that you're in production?

Like I said I never write reviews but felt with all the heat you were taking over the delays and for all the backers like me who just watched and read all the comments I wanted to let you and them know If your company ever had another project I was interested in I wouldn't hesitate to be a backer again. In the end you delivered a case that is everything you promised it would be. Thanks!!! "

–Bob S.

"I received my new iPhone 6 Plus SAFE Wallet and I LOVE IT!!!!! I can't wait until I have the SAFE Pen too!"

–Jason P.

"I just got my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus and I LOVE this case!!! My wife was so jealous, I had to order one for her right away! We are both so excited to finally have SAFE Wallets again!"

–Sendhil C.

"I love the new SAFE Wallet!!! I had been using your SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 for years, and I don't think I can ever go back to a regular wallet! Keep up the amazing work, BulletTrain!!!"

–Anthony, R

"I've been looking for the ultimate wallet case for the long time, and I think you guys REALLY pulled it off!!! I plan to share the SAFE Wallet with as many people in my travels as possible!

I won't have to worry about finding a pen when I'm traveling, and I can watch all my movies and TV shows with the built-in stand! All the other wallet case designers out there think of one thing, and forget five more critical features!!! I don't know how you did it, but BulletTrain thought of EVERYTHING, and in a super-slim lightweight product!!!

I've gone through dozens of cases for this iPhone already, and I'm convinced the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the absolute best wallet case!"

–Joe DeRosa (NYC Comedian)

"The new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus has the largest card capacity of any wallet case out there given its thinness and its ability to conceal the cards. I feel I'm so close to the ideal of having just one thing to carry!"

–Francisco V.

"I just received my new SAFE Wallet! Thanks, it looks and feels great!"

–Rav P.

"Yes, it did arrive and I am really excited! Spent its first day out with me working and going where I go and it performed 100% as advertised. It is great!!"

–Stan M.

"Received my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus today, and I am REALLY enjoying it!!!"

–Elliot T.

"Got my two SAFE Wallets for 6 Plus! Thanks, they are AWESOME!!!"

–David N.

"Received the new SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus – awesome work!!!"

–Glenn L.

"I really dig the new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! Continue your great work! I'm an old user/fan of the SAFE Wallet case for iPhone 5... And I'm a big fan of your company too!"

–Steve A.

"Loving this case!"

–Roger J.

"I'm so impressed with this! I've been looking for something like this for so long, and this thing is EXACTLY what I need! I don't know how more people aren't talking about this!!! I bought three SAFE Wallets: one for me, one for my wife, and one for my daughter. We are all so excited about your case, we'll all be raving about it for months!!!

Whatever lies in BulletTrain's future, keep making SAFE Wallets!"

–Robert S.

"I just got my SAFE Wallets for my 6 Plus, and they are AWESOME!!!!! I don't know how I could ever go without a SAFE Wallet now! I got 2, so I would have a backup, and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for the great work!"

–George V.

"I am very happy with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus... I missed it so much when I upgraded from my iPhone 5s (which I used with a SAFE Wallet)... I really don't know how I went so long without one!"

–Greg P.

"Went into the drug store today carrying nothing but my phone and my keys!! So cool!!! Love my SAFE Wallet for my 6 Plus!"

–Q. T.

"I love this case!!! I have my SAFE Wallet loaded with 5 cards already! This is a really nice case!!!"

–George W.

"I backed on Valentine's Day and was thrilled to get my case today! Fabulous! Very light weight- thrilled to pieces! Thank you- worth the wait!!!"

–Elizabeth G.

"THIS CASE IS AWESOME!!! I love the blue color, thinness, light-weight and minimalist feel of it!"

–Tina P.

"What an amazing product. I'm one of the OG SAFE Wallet owners. Best iPhone case I ever owned! Really liking all the improvements of the latest case for 6 Plus. I've owned A LOT of cases over the years, and know a good one when I see one! You cut out all the unnecessary fluff of the original SAFE Wallet to make this one even thinner (which was a pretty tall order to begin with as that case was really thin). Thanks again for all your labors Jake, Alex and the whole BulletTrain team!!!"

–Kat R.

"Everything is AWESOME!!!! I had a SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 5s, and this thing is amazing! Exactly what I expected for the new 6 Plus SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Kent A.

"Just received my new SAFE Wallet today, looks great!!!"

–Joshua C.

"SAFE Wallet 6 Plus came in yesterday, and I have to say this is awesome! Thanks so much!"

–James C.