LOVE For the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet 6

"Thank you so much for making this amazing case! I have enjoyed the previous model SAFE Wallet for years and actually waited to upgrade phones until the SAFE Wallet 6 came out!"

–Walker B.

"Alex, hope all is well!

I gotta tell you, I'm LOVING my SAFE Wallet. Brilliant!"

–Matty A.

"My husband absolutely loves the SAFE Wallet 6!!!"

–Donna M.

"I love this case, it's amazing!!!"

–Robert G.

"I love my new case, and so does everyone to whom I show it (naturally)!"

–Thi C.

"I've been using the same SAFE Wallet for 3 years on my iPhone 5, and my dad loves his new SAFE Wallet 6!!!"


"These things are phenomenal!!! I've bought 5 SAFE Wallets, and I've probably sold at least 5 more people on the SAFE Wallet when they see me use it!!! You've really got a great product here. The SAFE Pen is a great idea, too! There have been so many times where I've needed a pen!"

–Frank T.

"I love this case, I get compliments all the time and always tell people about it!!!"

–Judy T.

"Got my new SAFE Wallet 6, and it is working great!!! I thought the addition of the pen was interesting but I didn't think I would use it much... WRONG! Already have used it many times. Was especially useful when I was traveling."

–Mitch B.

"I love it!"

–Adam W.

"So much better than my previous case!"

–Colin M.

"I am a return customer as I gave my wife my original 5s case - she loves it too as she doesn't need to carry her purse when we go out. I love the new SAFE Wallet 6 design, too!"

–Maurice F.

"First off I'd like to say I love this case!!! I was a Kickstarter Backer, and could not wait to get it. I get a lot of compliments from people who see it in checkout lines or at dinner!"

–Jordan T.

"Your design is amazing!!! I've given your website to so many people!!!"

–Susan W.

"Nice work on the SAFE Wallet 6 by you and your team, it's a home run for sure!!"

–Clayton M.

"I’ve been a fan of BulletTrain products for a long time and was one of your first Kickstarter backers for the original iPhone 5 case—which I've been using ever since!!! I recently received my new iPhone 6 SAFE Wallet, and immediately went out to upgrade from my iPhone 5 (I didn’t want to upgrade until I received your case as I’m IN LOVE with your products!!!) It’s not often you find a product like yours!!!"

–Josh F.

"I received my case around 2 weeks ago, have loved it and been showing it to anyone who would listen, and bought a new car mount just for this case!"

–Erin R.

"I was a Kickstarter backer, and I really, really like the SAFE Wallet 6!"

–Ryan P.

"I love the case! I love having my credit cards and such with me always! I have dropped it several times and it doesn't even get scratches or dings. It fits very well"

–Marcie B.

"I love my SAFE Wallet 6! It's great because I can keep my frequently used cards with my iPhone, and I rarely ever need my purse anymore!

A Polar White SAFE Wallet makes stand out so I can always find it when I need it, but to everyone else it's just a case! I love the easy access to my core cards, and having a pen is very handy! "

–Elena E.

"This case is unbelievable!!! I've never seen any case like this in the world! I really hope you keep making SAFE Wallets—you've got a customer for life right here!"

–Mitch W.

"I had the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5, and I just received my SAFE Wallet 6. I'm very happy. Amazing product!!!!"

–Ed F.

"The best wallet case on the market!!!"

–Spicy V.

"I received mine on 2/20/16. Very nice. Improvement over the iPhone 5 design and BIG improvement over my Otterbox Commuter Wallet case (about 1/8" thinner with more capacity so that I can hold one more card, DL, CC, ATM, Health Ins, & $20). I'm not eager to replace my iPhone 6 with a 7, so maybe I can enjoy this case for a ;-)"

–Tom B.

"I love this case!"

–Angie H.

"Just received my case yesterday... I've been patiently waiting since the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallet. Nothing but love, and I'm happy to be a repeat customer with the final iPhone 6 SAFE Wallet protecting my phone once again!! Hope you guys will be working on iPhone 7 case soon as possible!!!"

–Pete L.

"Just got my SAFE Wallet 6 in Canada! First impression was great, case looks and feels really nice, the only minor thing is that the wallet door seems to need more pressure to close than I was expecting, but I see that as being very securely closed, which—given that I now carry my debit card in there—is definitely a good thing!

The small pen was also pretty nice, it fit fine in its place and I can take it out no problem.

All-in-all I am very happy with the case, definitely worth the wait :)"

–Rodo C.

"After owning the SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 5, and now the iPhone 6, I can say that I love this case!"

–Ryan D.

"Just received my SAFE Wallet 6 and IT IS WICKED!! I Love how it fits snugly and the pen is great. It was well worth the wait! Great job lads!"

–Saeed P.

"DAMN this case is awesome!!! Just received it in the mail. It is literally perfect. The construction has premium feel, and the phone sits nice and flush inside. Whatever you did was definitely worth the zero-compromise factor."

–Mitch W.

"I just received my case, and so far am really happy with it."

–Erin R.

"Received my SAFE Wallet 6 in Michigan today... it's much slimmer and lighter than my OtterBox wallet case and it holds everything I need. I will enjoy this case as long as I can, thanks!!"

–Ruth H.

"GREAT! 2 SAFE Wallets arrived in Tampa, FL. Now I can ditch my OTTERBox that was driving me totally nuts and upgrade to my Wallet 2.0.

By the way, the case is much slimmer than the Otter Box I was using. The phone snaps in very easily and securely. The open buttons are nicer than the original SAFE Wallet, too. Thanks, BulletTrain!"

–Vince L.

"I got my SAFE Wallet 6 today. It's everything I had hoped for. It fits more cards than the Otterbox wallet case I've been using, plus the money and the SAFE Pen."

–Richard S.

"Received my SAFE Wallet today, I like it very much! Thank you for the help with my order and fast shipping. Looking forward to doing business again!"

–Chris S.

"Everything is great with my new SAFE Wallet 6 and I'm enjoying not carrying my wallet and my phone :) Thank you for a great product!"

–Jason J.

"I got my SAFE Wallet 6 on Monday and love it. I work for T-Mobile and everyone one wants one. I wish we sold them. "

–Danny T.

"Hey Alex and Jake, I got my SAFE Wallet 6! It’s great! Thanks & God Bless!"

–Billy C.

"Today I received my new Safe Wallet for iPhone 6. I loved the SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5 and was so excited to get this one!!! I’m really liking having a pen handy!!!

Holding 5 credit cards is perfect for me—exactly what I carry every day!!!"

–Christina M.

"Wanted you to know my SAFE Wallet 6 arrived. I like the new design that made it worth the wait!!"

–Bruce G.

"I just received my SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 6. It looks great!!!!"

–Alan K.

"I love your case! I was a Kickstarter backer for the first SAFE Wallet, and now everyone in my family uses SAFE Wallets!!! I just received my SAFE Wallet 6—which I absolutely LOVE—and my mom recently received her SAFE Wallet 6 Plus! Keep designing cases, please!!!"

–Shannon C.

"I don’t know of any other wallet like this!!! My granddaughter absolutely loves this thing, and she’s only 11! I carry the SAFE Wallet every day, carrying 4 cards, a $20 bill, and a paper card with my upcoming appointments. This thing changed my life, and now I can’t stop telling people about it! Thanks BulletTrain!!!"

–Bob C.