LOVE For the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

Our new SAFE Wallet 6 Plus shipped from our warehouse on September 30, 2015. So far, people LOVE the new SAFE Wallet with their iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus!

Read what people have to say about the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

"First off I love the safe wallet. I have owned one since the first production run and I use it every day!!!"

–Connor R.

"We love the SAFE Wallet in this family!!! My fiancé and I have ordered four SAFE Wallets.  First two were for us, third was a gift and forth was to replace my fiancé’s older case. My SAFE Wallet is going on year and 8 month old and it has help up great!!"

–Jackie C.

"I've had my SAFE Wallet for over a year and it has been amazing! It’s taken some pretty hard falls—one or two REALLY bad ones—and my iPhone is still in perfect condition. The SAFE Wallet was well worth the money!

For my next iPhone, I'm thinking about buying a SAFE Wallet in each color so I could change them out periodically. Everyone here in Mooresville, NC loves it!! Everyone always asks where I got it and I always brag. And show them how cool it is. So keep it up! Can't wait to see where guys go from here!!"

–Jennifer E.

"I'm VERY stoked to get this new case, especially in light of the Forbes article! Congrats on that!!! There are very few things better than an article by a major publication comparing your product to James Bond technology....AWESOME!! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is EXACTLY why I'm a supporter of this particular product. It is the ultimate in "cool." Wallet and phone, all in one case, all inside one pocket. The model of cool and efficiency. Pat yourselves on the backs, gentlemen. You've done a great job. Quality should always win out, and you guys stuck to your guns."

–David W.

"I love my SAFE Wallet, and it is an indispensable piece of my everyday carry!"

–Steven T.

"Thanks so much for an awesome product!"

–Carrie P.

"I own a SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5S and love it. But now that I love it so much, I'm hooked!"

–Toby M.

"I am SO happy now. I was completely lost without a SAFE Wallet! Over the past few months, my regular wallet became a "Costanza fat wallet" from Seinfeld, as dubbed by my brothers!"

–Walter F.

"Thanks for designing an AWESOME wallet case!"

–Kisha W.

"I addition to the SAFE Wallet, I also own a Sena, Otterbox and Scosche (all wallet case). My phone is always in your SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Pierre T.

"I was looking through all of the cases out there, and the SAFE Wallet hit every need I had in mind! Enough space for cards, keys or cash, the built-in stand, all in a case? I'm ordering as soon as we get off the phone!"

–Shane J.

"I've never been as satisfied with a case as I have with the SAFE wallet for my 5S. Everyone around me who sees the case, wants it. So for the new case to improve upon it, that's extraordinary and worth the wait!"

–Nic S.

"I've used the SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5 for years, and it's the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!"

–Bruce D.

"You guys are the ONLY ones doing something like this!!!"

–Ken S.

"I loved my last BulletTrain case for my iPhone 5, and I'm excited about getting the one for my iPhone 6!  Except, my wife might take over my 6 and the SAFE Wallet... which means I'll need the 6s, and I'll need another SAFE Wallet for that one too!!!"

–Brent G.

"You guys have a GREAT product! I've successfully ditched my wallet! I LOVE my SAFE Wallet!"

–Jackie A.

"I've ordered several SAFE Wallets for my family, and they're all holding up very well. They're awesome, and we all love it!"

–Nicole L.

"I really appreciate craftsmanship and design, and this thing is GREAT!!!"

–John S.

"I still like to look to see if anybody's got anything else out there like the SAFE Wallet and no one does. I love my SAFE Wallet for the 5s and can't wait to have it for my iPhone 6 Plus! I'm really looking forward to the delivery of the new SAFE Wallet, because that's when I get my new iPhone—I can't imagine having my iPhone 6 Plus without my SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Mitch B.

"Love these cases. My fiancé is a little tough on his, but they take a beating for sure! Thanks for making a great product!"

–Jackie C.

"iPhone 5s SAFE Wallet still going strong with daily heavy duty use. I will not hesitate to upgrade to the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 when the time comes! This is the BEST there is!"

–Colin N.

"The SAFE Wallet is the best wallet case out there, and I've tried many of them!"

–Jason G.

"Love the SAFE Wallet because it is functional and practical. I'm a mom, and running in and out of the car with young kids AND a purse is not always easy. With my SAFE Wallet, it is all I need to make simple purchases and run quick errands with just my phone and cards!"

–Joyce C.

"I have been using it every day and enjoy the simplicity and functionality on the case. When I use it everyone compliments the case and asks where I got it."

–Ryan D.

"Can't go wrong with these wallet cases!!! The best looking yet so stylish! Thank you BulletTrain!"

–Steve L.

"Best wallet case ever!!! Good customer service too!"

–Mandy P.

"In this day and age when customer service is often not that at all, the people at BulletTrain/Safe Wallet are examples of how good, no great, companies should interact with their customers.

Alex who works there is just great. Prompt replies to questions and helpful to the max. Well done BulletTrain !! Your wallet is fantastic and so is your customer service."

–Ken A.

"I've been tremendously satisfied with this product and I brag about it often!"

–Dan F.

"I love your iPhone case!!!"

–Jim H.

"I get compliments all the time on my SAFE Wallet. People can't believe my iPhone is hiding my wallet!!!"

–Mariann B.

"Finally!!!!!! I am using it! And I LOVE IT!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I am tossing out my wallet. Finally, one less thing to keep track of!

When I upgrade to the iPhone 6, I will be happy to get the new version of the SAFE Wallet! I LOVE GOOD DESIGN. It makes the world a better place!!!!!!!!"

–Janine L.

"This is the greatest case I've ever owned!"

–Ken G.

"First of all, I bought a Blue SAFE Wallet from you guys on Kickstarter years ago, and I was very pleased with it! I just pre-ordered my SAFE Wallet 6 Plus today!"

–Sol C.

"I have a green SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5 that I've had for about a year now, and I love it! I haven't used any other wallet or phone case since getting it and I especially love that I can even fit a key in there so I literally don't need to carry anything else when I leave my house. Almost every time I open it to pay for something, I get a comment about how amazing it is, and I tell everyone how much I love it and some of my friends and co-workers have gotten their own as well. "

–Emily C.

"I received the SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5S as a present and LOVE IT."

–Chris C.

"I bought my first SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5S through Kickstarter a few years ago. The SAFE Wallet is the easiest and most functional product in the market as far as I'm concerned!"

–Victor D.

"I recently purchased the SAFE Wallet and have been loving it, and getting many admiring comments!"

–Alan D.

"I went through 3-4 wallet cases and a custom home made mix of wallets before I was able to order my SAFE Wallet. Since then I have seen plenty of other designs, and have yet to find any user who does not envy my case!

"The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 has provided better fall protection that I ever could have imagined! It has protected my iPhone from various screw ups and falling out of pockets. Just today, my iPhone slid out of my fingers and fell down a parking garage ramp! Not only did it fall at least 8 feet, it then took a tumbling bounce or two after initial contact coming to rest on the screen. Thankfully my phone was perfectly fine inside. My family now has at least two phones who owe there lives to this case!

–Carl B.

"I have to admit that nothing, really nothing, comes close to SAFE Wallet's thorough design. I'm really not sure why other manufacturers haven't smartened up to fulfill a real need like this, so I'm glad BulletTrain is around to do it."

–Raphael S.

"I LOVE my SAFE Wallet!"

–Barbara M.

"I have purchased the red SAFE Wallet about a year ago and it was one of my best purchases I have made for my phone. It is incredibly handy having all my credit cards in one place and I no longer have to carry a wallet! You have a customer for life!

–Ben J.

"I am absolutely loving the case in the short time I've had it!"

–Victoria O.

"Ordered the 5S model & every time I had a issue they fixed it in a timely manner. Even got a call from one of the employees to ask if I was satisfied. LOVE the fact they are a small company making innovative products that enhanced my everyday enjoyment of my technology. Recently funded the 6+ version & cannot wait for it to arrive. Highly recommend."

–Voravut R.

"I have been the happy owner of a SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5s for a while now, and I LOVE it!"

–Ken U.

"I LOVE your SAFE Wallet for the 5S! I also really appreciate your customer service!"

–Dustin M.

"I LOVE the SAFE Wallet so far, as it is very convenient for the city! I never have to carry cash on me – just 2 credit cards, a debit card, a license, and a metro card in NYC. It's great that I can slide the cards in and out with ease and put them right back in!"

–Lawrence T.

"My iPhone 5 has been in a SafeWallet since August 2013. Fantastic case!"

–Katie R.


–Michael M.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the best invention in the world!!!"

–Doug F.

"I rely on this case on a daily basis!"

–Eli W.

"I've had a SAFE Wallet since you first made them, and I will not get the new iPhone until I have this case to go with it! I love this product!"

–Chris D.

"I want you to know you genuinely have a customer for life in me now. I really appreciate the way BulletTrain has exceeded my expectations with the SAFE Wallet and their service. I will most definitely be purchasing a SAFE Wallet for my wife's iPhone 6 Plus as soon as they are available!"

–Marty H.


–Wally J.

"I love the SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5 so much that I am anxiously awaiting for the release of the iPhone 6 SAFE Wallet! I am a realtor and always need cards on me. The case works so well for me that I often don't carry a purse anymore!"

–Kim A.

"I love the product and highly recommend it to others. Now I have excellent customer service to talk about as well!"

–Carl R.

"Overall, the SAFE Wallet has been a great product. It has made my life much easier by allowing me the ability to carry less 'stuff' when I go shopping, etc. I can carry my credit card, driver's license and some cash, all with my phone. A great combination!"

–Faye N.

"I was a very early Kickstarter backer of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and I’ve loved it every day I’ve had it since! I also get many comments/compliments on it, and I’ve directed a few people towards your website. On more than a few occasions I’ve had to rely on the secret stash for cab fare, or as a convenient spot for sim cards when I’m traveling. Thanks!"


"I do not want to live without my SAFE Wallet! I've been very concerned I'll be getting the larger iPhone 6 and will have to revert back to carrying a wallet.

BulletTrain, This case has freed me and simplified my life! Don't make me go back!"

–Jeff Randich.

"I have a SAFE Wallet on my iPhone 5s and it works beautifully! Thank you Jake and BulletTrain team!"

–Pete L.

"I got a SAFE Wallet for my birthday and I couldn't be happier with it. It's a rock-solid case — something I quickly discovered when I dropped my phone on a tile floor with no damage!

Right now I've got my driver's license, one debit card, two credit cards and two $20 bills tucked into the fold-out compartment, plus another two $20 bills neatly folded into the secret stash. It is truly liberating!"

–Joseph F.

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new SAFE Wallet. I've only had it for a few days, but I've been delighted so far!"

–Shari S.

"Thank you so much for designing the SAFE Wallet! It's perfect!"

–Ruben S.

"I've received my SAFE Wallet, and it's awesome!! I don't need to carry my wallet anymore!"

–Rashed A.

"I love my SAFE Wallet!"

–Joel P.

"I must say that I am so happy that I ordered a SAFE Wallet!! It is the best cell phone accessory purchase I have ever made! Thank you for a great product!"

–Mark L.

"I have to say that the SAFE Wallet is by far the best design out there for a wallet/phone case application! I love using it!"

–Butch H.

"I'm a happy customer with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5. I got one from the beginning and this is the best case I've ever had! I've been promoting your case all over to all of my friends and people that I meet everyday. It's super convenient to have my ID and credit cards with my iPhone and not carry a wallet- and the best part of it is that it can hold my ID, 3 credit cards, AND my car insurance card! No other case can do that! I also like it because is securely closed and has an open face. I do not like the wallet cases that flip open, showing the contents. I'm so used to my SAFE Wallet, I don't know how I'd go without it... THANK YOU!"

–N M.

"First things first, I LOVE my SAFE Wallet! The convenience of only having to carry one item not only means more room in my pocket, but also greatly reduces the chance of forgetting one or the other at home! And I get tons of compliments when I open the back to whip out a card for payment. I can no longer imagine having a phone without a SAFE Wallet to go with it!"

–Adam J.

"I really like my new SAFE Wallet! It is very durable and useful with the card holders. It has literally replaced my wallet."

–Jon W.

"I have a SAFE Wallet for my iPhone 5s and I love it! I was wondering if you all were planning on making a SAFE Wallet for the iPhone 6? I have been using my SAFE Wallet for almost 7 months now and to be truthful, I think I would rather stay with the iPhone 5s rather than upgrade to the iPhone 6 if you all aren't going to make another case anytime soon. Thank you so much for your version 2 design, it has worked out perfectly for me. Please let me know about the next SAFE Wallet soon!"

–Talor H.

"My phone is always in my front shirt pocket. In my SAFE Wallet I carry the my DL, three credit cards, and my health insurance card. I do have to arrange the cards in a particular order and orientation in order to fit without jamming.

I looked at several other options and this one was the best fit for my needs and I have enjoyed not sitting on a wallet since April!

–John S.

"I am extremely pleased with the after-sales support you have provided - BulletTrain has definitely surpassed the expectation that I had for my very first KickStarter! Please keep up the amazing work.

I am looking forward to placing another order as soon as the iPhone 6 is released later this year. A self-inflicted predicament, my handset upgrades are now inextricably tied to my wallet upgrades."

–Dennis L.

"The SAFE Wallet, as you know, is a life changer! No more sore butt sitting on a bulky wallet! Adding a wrist strap makes it so easy to access from my pocket, and I love having a kick stand for my phone. I use some of the space for having an EyeCard reading glasses on hand for menus, etc. and I still have room for ID and CC!"

–Michael S.

"I wanted to let you know that we love our SAFE Wallets!"

–Patricia Y.

"I truly have enjoyed this case, and when I upgrade to the iPhone 6 I have all intentions of buying a SAFE Wallet for it too!"

–Erica G.

"This is the best combo wallet case. I've had leather wallet cases, cheap plastic wallet cases and the SAFE Wallet is the best. People always comment when they see it work and then they want to buy one themselves. I will not upgrade my phone either until there is a SAFE Wallet for it."

–Cash P.

"I love mine!! Great customer service as well!"

–Joshua C.

"Awesome SAFE Wallet! Excellent customer service!"

–Katie C.

"SAFE Wallet came today. Love it so far. Thanks!"

-Zack N.

"Just received my Safe Wallet for my iPhone 5S. Outstanding quality guys! Nice work!"

–Jason P.

"I have looked for years for a nice case that I can use as an alarm clock, hold credit cards and business cards that was not at risk of falling apart with continued use. No one knows I have my cards on me and I don't need to carry a purse and wallet! Thanks!!!"

–Kim A.

"I'm pretty pleased with the results. Nice feel, everything is as advertised. The constant communication in the last few months has been much better than expected. I can keep my DL, my Debit card, my CCW permit, a credit card and some emergency cash all in one pocket without the bulk. Thanks BulletTrain."

–Juju M.

"I just received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I love it! It's actually thinner than I expected. 5 cards is possible, but snug. I decided that I could live without one of my cards on a daily basis & slipped in a folded $20 instead (I don't really want to have to pull off my case to get @ the secret stash, but I'll put one there too, JIC)."

–Tom B.

"My SAFE Wallet is nice looking and feels secure. I love it already! Goodbye wallet! I won't upgrade my iPhone until there is a SAFE Wallet available for it!"

–Laurie .R

"I was one of the first to invest on the Kickstarter campaign. I absolutely love my SAFE Wallet!Thanks and good luck as you progress. I want you to be really successful.

–Tim P.

"I got my SAFE Wallet and I love it. It exactly what it said it would do and more!"

–Tai C.

"My husband gave it a shot and now he is happy with it and uses it all the time!"

–Jessica H.

"I love the SAFE Wallet and probably get 2-3 people a day asking me about it."

–Brian M.

"I just wanted to say the SAFE Wallet is the best phone case I have ever owned! I no longer carry a wallet! This case has simplified my life and I get compliments on it all the time. I'm concerned that the iPhone 6 will be coming out and I'll be upgrading, and may have to go back to a wallet!"

–Rando J.

"Overall, I think this is an excellent product. I have been able to carry my driver's license and 3 credit cards regularly, with a little bit of room for a $20 on occasion. I also have made use of the hidden compartment to carry another $20, which has been useful twice.

I've dropped my phone on several occasions and have never had a problem, so the toughness of the case is certainly meeting my needs!"

–Rick S.

"I really do think SAFE Wallet is the best case out there!"

–Paul D.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the best case I've ever purchased. Notice I didn't say best wallet case, but best case. In other words, if it didn't have a hidden stealth wallet, it would still me the best designed case for iPhone. The fact I can keep credit and business cards and cash hidden invisible in my SAFE Wallet is awesome!!!"

–Martin S.

"Hi Jake. I am writing to you about my iPhone 5 Safe Wallet from Canada, near Toronto. First of all I want to say that I love the product and it makes my life so much easier. Now I travel with only my iPhone with cards inside! Yesterday I was at the grocery store and a guy noticed me paying with a credit card I seemed to magically pull out of my iPhone case, and he said he thought the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was incredibly cool, and I said it was and told him about your company."

–Barry M.

"I have been using my SAFE Wallet for over 6 months now and I do absolutely love it. Everyone who sees me using the SAFE Wallet is amazed and I regularly pass along your details to them."

–Brett G.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! I don't know how I ever lived without this amazing piece of kit!"

–Robey S.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the perfect mix of design and function."

–Patrick G.

"I LOVE my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! It is an understatement to say it has seriously changed my life."

–Lori I .

"Genius space saving case/wallet: Bought my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet a month ago and it is better than expected. I don't need to carry a separate wallet and my iPhone, plus it is smaller than an OtterBox. It hides your credit cards until you need to use them, unlike other products that show your credit cards when you flip the wallet to make a call. I recommend this product."

–You .

"Thanks guys! Couldn't be happier with your product.""

–Colin N.

"I have to say the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the best case I've ever had. It really makes the phone feel solid and it has a great feel in my hands now. The wallet door latches really nicely and being able to leave my bulky wallet behind is fabulous. I don't think I'll ever go back!"

–David H.

"I love the SAFE Wallet. Everyone asks me about it!"

–Fred B.

"Awesome product and awesome support! Thank you for standing behind your product! My wife looks forward to getting her new cover. I went originally with the orange solid and am 100% happy. I never liked having to carry a wallet & found your case in a magazine on the way back from Aruba. The only reason I purchased the 5S was so I could get your cover! I receive comments daily about the cover and forward future customer to your site. Thank you again!"

–Craig T.

"I love the SAFE Wallet- it's made my life so much easier!"

–Sarah F.

"I am a firefighter at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. I rely on my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet everyday as an essential tool. As a firefighter, I depend on my iPhone quite a bit, and keeping a separate wallet has always been challenging to manage with all the equipment I have to carry and manage. Having both my iPhone 5s and wallet contents in the SAFE Wallet has made my life so much easier! Typically, when I am in the fire truck, I keep my SAFE Wallet face down on the dashboard, and it never slides around, then once I reach my destination, I slip it in my pocket for easy access. The SAFE Wallet is not only a great minimalist design, and an excellent tool, but I also love the fact that nobody can tell it’s a wallet. Thanks so much!"

–Peyton J.

"The case is great! I won't even get an iPhone 6 until BulletTrain makes a case for it."

–Rick V.

"I absolutely love my Bullet Train safe wallet"

–Chris L.

"I love this case!!!"

–Josh L.

"Cheers to a fantastic design!: Before purchasing a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet I extensively researched the iPhone wallet market, it was clear you have the hands down winning product. I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! So -- just wanted to give you a cheers for a very well thought and executed design!"

–Cole F.

"A friend of mine just bought me the Safe Wallet, and I must say it's gorgeous! Beautiful piece of art :) It looks that it will be my favorite wallet of all time!"

–Marcin J.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is awesome and I am grateful for you customer service."

–Kim A.

"I purchased the Safe Wallet Case for my iPhone 5 recently from your site after googling the best credit card cases. I was so excited to finally find the phone case of my dreams because the previous ones were a waste of money and broke... The Safe Wallet seemed to be just what I needed! It’s the perfect size!!! I love the design!"

–Janell O.

"I just bought the SAFE Wallet and I absolutely love it."

–Eugene P.

"I really can’t tell you and Jake how much I love this thing, it is so convenient as a personal item as I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure how I got along without one before."

–Kevin T.

"Thanks so much. Great case, it is the only reason I'm not upgrading to Samsung."

–Russel R.

"I have been carrying the safe wallet for just a day and everyone has been asking me about this amazing product!"

–Alfonso N.

"I'm very satisfied with my Safe Wallet!"

–Clarice N.

"I love my BulletTrain Safe Wallet!"

–Jeff K.

"I have to say thank you for creating the SAFEWallet. I find it a far superior product to other iPhone wallets. It truly removed my need to carry a wallet and iPhone."

–Ryan D.

"I’m one of the Kickstarter backer for the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallet. Just wanted to drop a note that I have been using the case from day one and have used it extensively with three cards and always with three folded bills in the case. It has performed admirably and I have truly been impressed with the case and workmanship. Thanks much for your hard work and detail on this case."

–David L.

"So awesome best case ever! Totally love mine!"

–Angie H.

"Loving the BulletTrain Blue! I'm thinking of purchasing another!"

–Josef R.

"All seems great. Best wallet case I've used since it holds at least twice as much as similar cases."

–Wade K.

"Very happy! Getting many positive comments from people who see it!"

–Colin N.

"Very happy with it and the service I've received. Great product. Every time is use it Im asked about it!"

–Wayne P.

"My wife and I have both received our BulletTrain SAFE Wallets, and we’re both very pleased!"

–Dayton I.

"I love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!"

–Chris M.

"My BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is freeeeekin' awesome! I've used 5 other iPhone wallet cases in the past and the SAFE Wallet puts em all to shame. The plastic is wonderful to touch and the credit card sleeve holds more cards than any other I've tried. Plus, I love the hidden compartment! Wonderful job Jake and all the Bullet train crew."

–Sean S.

"Wanted to say thank you for the great case. I've been using it this week and really do love how it works. Solves a lot of issues for me and I'm very happy with it!"

–Keith G.

"Wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I have been using my safe wallet for almost 8 months. It has performed exactly how you described, and I could not be happier with the results. I no longer carry a wallet. Just thought you should know how well your product is working in the real world."

–Pete B.

"Again, would like to say how much I love the Safe Wallet! My iPhone 5s is my first smart phone and the Safe Wallet is my first case for it and I couldn't be happier. So nice not to have to deal with a phone AND a wallet!"

–Mitch B.

"I love the case it works great with my lifestyle and done everything I wanted it to. Plus I get so many compliments from random people about it. Great convo starter with girls at the bar!"

–Alex L.

"I must say it is the most innovative and practical case I have ever held and used in my life. I love every feature of it, and doubt I will be using any other case for the rest of my phone-owning life."

–Austin H.

"This is by far the BEST iPhone case out there. Hands down. It has simplified my life more than I ever thought possible. Solidly made, high quality and sleek. I've had mine for a few months and have no complaints at all. Do yourself a favor and get one now!"

–Costa T.

"I ordered a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet as a gift for a friend and they told me it's the best wallet they have ever owned."

–Carsten J.

"I love the design execution in the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Tony S.

"I have spent hours of time researching wallet cases, and I truly believe that the design of the BulletTrain case is the most unique, slick, functional, and best looking design."

–Chris C.

" I have grown fond of my Safe Wallet and the freedom it gives me."

–John S.

"I just wanted to say I got my Safe Wallet with the first release. It is a great product and well worth the wait. I would like to provide some feed back. I did drop my phone. The case protected it wonderfully. So thank you for that."

–Derek M.

"I love my safe wallet, hands down the best case I ever had."

–Eric M.

"I love this thing. It's awesome."

–Todd E.

"I have an Arctic White BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and I would like to order another one. They are by far the best, and I have checked them all. Thanks."

–Sam T.

"I have spent hours of time researching wallet cases, and I truly believe that the design of the BulletTrain case is the most unique, slick, functional, and best looking design."

–Chris C.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet iPhone 5 case and everyone in my family is jealous and wants one now too; as do strangers that see it."

–Kimberly C.

"The Safe Wallet is exactly what I envisioned when I decided I wanted to scale down and get rid of my old leather wallet. After getting a Blue Safe Wallet through your Kickstarter campaign, I love it! Only having to leave the house with one thing in my hand is awesome."

–Matt L.

"I am a hardcore minimalist, and my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is not only a minimalist masterpiece, but also the ultimate conversation starter. When people see me use my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet in stores, many of them ask about it, and they are blown away with how small and incognito it is, while being so easy to use, and having such a huge capacity. I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and could never live without one. As a matter of fact, I just ordered another one, this time in BulletTrain Blue."

–Eric S.

"After using a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I can't ever go back to a wallet and phone..... Never."

–Mike D.

"You have made a very nice product. At least a dozen people have already asked me about it. I direct them to your site."

–Marcus J.

"I have had lots of great complements of the safe wallet here in Australia."

–Andrew P.

"It's a great case and fits my needs perfectly. Great idea."

–Erik R.

"I love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Sammi L.

"This BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case is the best ever, no more wallet for me only SAFE Wallet from now on! ."

–Adam K.

"The Bullet Train is phenomenal! Your product is truly a game changer. For the last year I've been using a similar Incipio case, but yours is clearly the better design."

–Gary P.

"Love the Bullet Train as does everyone I have shown!"

–Mike B.

"Jake, I got my Safe Wallet today when I opened my mailbox, and needless to say, it's incredible. This is the phone case I've been waiting for, and it is definitely worth the wait. It's very solid and delivers in every way you promised. The secret stash was WAY bigger than I expected. I currently have a $20 emergency bill in there, and might slip an emergency ibuprofen in there too. I have my school ID (RFID-enabled), my debit card, my license, two business cards, and a folded five-dollar bill. Everything fits perfectly and I am impressed that the RFID still worked through the cards and the case. The packaging is also quite classy and well-constructed. Thank you, Jake. You and your team did a phenomenal job. It's time for me to go show my SAFE Wallet off!"

–Eric M.

" Just picked up by BulletTrain SAFE Wallet from the post office…and installed it right away onto my phone…Perfect! inserted my cards and cash into the safe wallet and on my merry way i went! I feel naked without my wallet and it feels GOOOD!!!"

–Lance S.

" I'm really in love with this case and have been telling people all over campus about it.."

–Steve Z.

"I really do love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Ken S.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case is exactly what I was looking forward to in protecting my iPhone and wallet contents."

–Pete L.

"I got my safe wallet for iPhone 5 last month and I have to say that I love it."

–Jo-ann B.

"I have now been using my Safe Wallet case for over several week and can truly say it is a great product."

–Joe V.

" I love your case and there is none other out their like it."

–Chris B.

"I can tell you how much I love this case."

–Gordon S.

"I love this case. Combining a wallet and phone has been truly revolutionary."

–Brad F.

"FYI I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet more everyday. Great product!"

–Greg H.

"I fell in love with BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case for my iPhone 5, immediately. It offered a slim solution to having to carry both wallet and phone, separately. I recommended it to everyone who saw me pull a business card from my phone and was proud to brandish it."

–Peter F.

"I love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and am so happy that I ordered one because I use it everyday and enjoy not having to carry my phone and my wallet at the same time."

–Troy V.

"I keep sharing with people what a great case the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is. I'm hooked on this wallet and can't live without it. Take care and thanks."

–Emile N.

"I bought one of the iPhone 5 SAFE Wallets. I have been using for about a month now. It's easily the best case I've ever had. People constantly comment to me on how cool the case is. My favorite part about it is that it's one less thing to have to try to find when I'm leaving for work in the morning. My wallet would constantly end up in my pants in the hamper. My phone is my alarm clock and I leave it charging at night. Now with your case, this is all I have to grab as I'm leaving. You've easily saved me a couple hours of digging through my hamper already. After using your case for about a month, I can't imagine using my iPhone without it. Thank you!"

–Colin L.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Ben S.

"I couldn't be happier with my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It is awesome and very functional. Everybody that sees it loves it. I am very happy happy with it and I intend to use BulletTrain SAFE Wallets for the rest of my life with every iPhone I get in the future. I really can't say enough about how great my SAFE wallet is. Every day somebody says "that is awesome. I need that." and as a result, I have probably already sold dozens of them for you, and I believe I could sell one of these ever day. I also love the fact it fits so perfectly in my front pocket and I no longer have to deal with the awkward discomfort of carrying a fat wallet in my rear pocket. I work for Southwest Airlines, and travel all over the U.S. with my SAFE Wallet, and people often notice when I make purchase, or when I go out with friends. I LOVE my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! "

–Josh G.

"I've been enjoying the use of my bullet train safe wallet for the last month in Australia. I love the safe wallet and it is almost my whole life now. I use it to scan my business cards, my gym card, to slide out my credit card like a pro, to read comics at work. "

–Jillian W.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and I have really been enjoying it. Not having to carry a wallet any more is a real game-changer. I showed a bunch of my friends my SAFE and they all love it! Everybody that sees it says 'that is awesome' It is a great product! Thank you."

–T.J. Quigley.

"Seeing as you guys are the only Kickstarter I have funded that actually came through and delivered, I really felt it necessary to email you and let you know how I felt about your product. Simply Amazing. I am an Art Director for a graphics company and with that I have to travel quite a bit due to trade shows. I want as little to keep track of as possible, and your product has done just that for me. I have been using the SAFE Wallet for over a month now and it has been fantastic. I grab my phone and keys and that is it. I have had SO many people ask where I got it from, and I tell them. Which leads me to a question of when is your product going to be available to the public? The reason for this is so that I don't have to worry about my boss trying to steal mine.

At my last trade show I could have sold next to 100 SAFE Wallets since I use a Square credit card reader since I need my phone to run credit cards, and of course everyone would see it and ask "is that a battery?" and I would say 'no' and show them what it was and they where so amazed at what I just showed them they wanted one right then and there. So on a side note if you need distributors let me know. Finally, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for doing exactly what you said you where going to do and delivering. I hope for nothing but success for you and your team. You did a really great job. You know you have done something great when the user is worried about if the next version of the iPhone is going to make my SAFE Wallet obsolete. Which I hope it will not. Best regards."

–Joe A.

"I love your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and trust me, I did my homework before I purchased it, so I know everything else about what is out there, and I know there is nothing that comes even close. I keep wondering how I ever lived without this amazingly simple but powerful product."

–Brandon G.

"I absolutely love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! One of my favorite things is when I go into a store to pay for something and the cashier says, 'what is that, what just happened?', when they see me appear to magically pull my credit card out of my phone!" I have been looking for a product like the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for 2-3 years, since there is no reason why I should have to carry a wallet and a phone. My wife and I were traveling in Iceland, and I lost my wallet, and had no way to track it. Now I can track my phone and get my wallet back back if I ever lose it. The design of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is terrific and I don't ever see myself in the future, not having a SAFE Wallet. The design and sleekness is just what I was hoping for. It's not bulky, and carries everything I need. It also forced me to pare down what I carry which was great. I don't carry an excessive amount of unnecessary stuff with me anymore, and I don't miss it. I also used to have back problems, before I had a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, when I carried a wallet in my back pocket, and that is no longer an issue, thanks to my SAFE Wallet. Thank you so much for taking the time to make a great product.

–Dave B.

"I've been really happy with the functioning of the SafeWallet. I took it down to Austin, Texas for Austin City Limits and had a handful of people ask about it since it did so well holding what I needed for the fest and my phone."

–Randy S.

"I really love this SAFE Wallet. Having my phone, cards and ID in one place is great! I've looked at other phone covers with card holders, but none of them compared to how the Safe Wallet functions."

–Marsha M.

" I just want to say that I absolutely love my SAFE wallet."

–Brad L.

"I have absolutely LOVED my SAFE wallet case. It is AMAZING! I have had it for a little over a month and it has been such a great convenience to not have to carry around my wallet with me in addition to my phone. One of my really good friends actually just ordered one because he has loved it when I've shown it to him."

–Eric S.

"I have used your SAFE Wallet for over a month and love it. Also just ordered 2 more for my family members after they saw mine! Keep up the great job."

–Rich S.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case. It is awesome and everyone I talk to about it always ask where to get one."

–Dalton W.

"I love this thing!"

–Adam P.

"I recently received my Safe Wallet for the iPhone 5, and absolutely love it! I think it's the greatest case/wallet I have ever owned."

–Randy Q.

"I've had my case about 1 month now and it's really fantastic."

–Adam T.

"I wanted to let you know, I am very happy with the Safe Case. I love having my phone and wallet all in one, and love how sleek and functional the product is."

–Lee I.

"I received your wonderful wallet case & I am simply in love with it. So much so that I have shared it with many people at the Apple Store I work at. Thanks you so much for such a functional product."

–Vance G.

"I can't tell you how much I totally love this case. Also can't wait until I can order the 2nd gen ones with the extra color on back. :)"

–Vincent L.

"I love the SAFE Wallet Case!"

–Brad C.

"I love your SAFE Wallet and good job keep up the awesome work"

–Chris B.

"I absolutely love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! I often spend hours just looking at it from several different angles (Is that weird?)"

–Sandro M.

"I absolutely LOVE my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!"

–Jan W.

"I LOVE my SAFE Wallet and I can't imagine being without a wallet like this now."

–Janet N.

"I almost bought a BookBook iPhone wallet case, but the layout and shape of your SAFE Wallet makes so much more sense for someone who actually talks on the phone!"

–Matthew B.

"I Love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and there is nothing else like it in the world. "

–Chris B.

"I recently received my Safe Wallet for the iPhone 5, and absolutely love it! I think it's the greatest case/wallet I have ever owned."

–Ricky Q.

" I love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and have now eliminated my wallet."

–Travis D.

"I seriously love this wallet!"

–D'Jair H.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet.

–Stephanie T.

"I have the BulletTrain SAFE Walletcase for iPhone 5 and I love the case and an so happy that I ordered one because I use it everyday and enjoy not having to carry my phone and my wallet at the same time. "

–Colin L.

"I really like how many cards the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case can hold and I think this case has a great design overall.

–Kasey T.

"Very happy with my new phone case & pleased that this kickstarter while delayed took an effort to be transparent on issues plus effectively managed through the delays in order to create a finished product. My husband and coworkers are eyeing my new case with envy :-)."

–Rachel C.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. This is the greatest phone case I have ever had.

–Mark S.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet to bits and I've been using it as a wallet/case for my phone on my holiday.

–Justin W.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet.

–Richard L.

"I ordered a couple of your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet cases which arrived a few weeks ago. My girlfriend and I both REALLY love them.

–Deanna S.

"I love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and I love the concept. It is a lifesaver for me. I can't stop showing it to people! This thing is wonderful. I pull up to the pump at the gas station and I pull my credit card out of my iPhone. Everywhere I go, I never forget my wallet, and my life has gotten so much easier with the SAFE Wallet. I swear I have tried every other wallet case for the iPhone, and nothing even comes close to the SAFE. I could not be more happy, and if you notice a huge upswing in orders coming from Alaska, it is because I am showing it to everybody in Anchorage!

–Tim F.

"I got it. I can't believe how much I like the 5s + iOS7. Wanted gold, ended up with Space Gray, and really like it, everything about it. I thought I would hate iOS7 but it just feels great. And the SAFE Wallet does in fact complete the phone. Thanks man! :)

–Matthew T.

"OMG! The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is Perfect! I used to always leave the house and forget my wallet. Not anymore with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!

–Tim N.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the best case ever!

–Brooks S.

"I really love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet

–Brian M.

"As one of the kickstarters for the WalletSafe project, I just wanted to say thanks for such a fantastic product. It’s a very sleek case and with the upgrade to iOS7, looks like an entirely new phone.

–Chris D.

" I love, love, love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Jason W.

"I have to say, I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I was looking for a case just like it, and it feels great in my hand.

–Ryan L.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is awesome! I love it and could not be more ecstatic about it! I show it to all my buddies, and strangers keep noticing it and keep asking me where I got it. I could not be more satisfied with the SAFE Wallet. I had another iPhone wallet case before the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and it did not come anywhere near the design and function of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet.

–Eric D.

"I truly love this Safe Wallet case and wish you the best; I always get great comments whenever I open it to pay for something.

–Thomas R.

"I love my iPhone wallet. I've been referring friends and family to buy it.

–Linda M.

"Just received my safe wallet and I'm loving it already. It's smaller than my otter box and holds all my wallet items. Very impressed."

–Quentin H.

"I am really liking my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It doesn't feel cheap and i love the fact that i don't have to have my wallet with me at all times any more. I just hope that if i decide to order one for my wife it doesn't take as long ;).

–Tony S.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is my favorite case I have ever owned. I LOVE this case!

–Marc H.

"Thank you so much Jake, my case just arrived (Germany) and it is truly beautiful, very precisely engineered! Thumbs up for that ;)

–Christian B.

"Hi Jake, First off, congrats on seeing your dream come to fruition. As a fellow entrepreneur, I can only imagine how wonderful and exciting it must be for you to see an idea you had 3+ years ago now bring such joy to so many other people who shared your vision. I am one of those fans (as a Kickstarter backer) that your product has brought joy to so thank you very much for continuing on your journey even when it seemed impossible. Thank you so much once again Jake, and congrats on your awesome product!

–Johnathan C.

"I received my safe wallet earlier this month and I love it. Everyone who sees it wants to know where I got it from.

–Robert R.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!

–James M.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is a brilliant design and excellent case."

–Tveden N.

"I love this case!."

–Mike D.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is by far, the best looking and most functional of all wallet cases."

–Dan C.

"I love everything about the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It's perfect in every way.

–Jay R.

"Before I got my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I would always forget my wallet, and now I could NEVER live without my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet.

–George N.

"My BulletTrain SAFE Wallet has been great.

–Mark M.

"I recently received my Safe Wallet, and I have been very happy with the product. It is much more solidly designed that what I was using before."

–Devon P.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was simplified my life. Thanks Jake

–Kevyn B.

"I received my case with the first shipment and so far have loved it! Getting a lot of compliment on the case. I think you have a home run with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!

–Austin D.

"I am extremely happy with the SAFE Wallet and proud to be one of the Kickstarter initial supporters. It has changed how I carry my cards/license, etc.

–Jens N.

"Thank you for this fantastic iPhone wallet case. I am in LOVE with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and its the best case I've ever had.

–Kristen S.

"I love this case. I have sung the praises of this case to multiple people and get asked about it all the time. You did a great job.

–Nick R.

"Love the concept... I can't get myself to carry a wallet anymore but I ALWAYS have my phone!.

–M Schoewe.

"Hi Jake, Let me just you have created an amazing case so I thank you. Thanks

–Bobby A.

"I really love your case & it is a conversation starter @ almost any counter or place I pull it out, especially the Apple Store I work for.

–Paul L.

"I want to thank you and let you know I could not be more ecstatic about the two BulletTrain SAFE Wallets I bought. Every detail is outstanding on the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, even including your beautiful packaging. I also can't believe how easy it is to install and remove my iPhone. Well Done!

–Graigg G.

"No other wallet case, or iPhone case in general, compares to the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I love how sleek and slim and comfortable the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is. It is not bulky at all, and I really appreciate how it is built to last.

–Tony I.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet allowed me to finally ditch my stupid leather wallet, which was having a negative effect on my posture, since I used to sit on it most of the day and night. All my back pain went away with the advent of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. Thanks so much!"

–Eric G.

"My wife saw the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 case I ordered, and she was so impressed, she took it from me. Now she tells me how much she loves it and refuses to give it back. So I have to order another one!

–Burt P.

"I enjoy the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It is sturdy, holds my business cards and hides my emergency $50. It does what I need it to do. Thanks for the great product.

–David M.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was well with the wait !! Fantastic design all round (look / functionality & feel). I think it's one of the best protective & clever cases I've ever come across. Great job guys !! Ps : Everyone I've showed loves it !!

–Mario P.

"I am so excited to get the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It's the best case ever made, hands down. Thank you very much.

–Elliot M.

"I really like my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and get complements all the time."

–Len P.

"I have now been using my Safe Wallet case for more than several weeks and can truly say it is a great product. Every day I put my black Safe Wallet into my pocket and commute to and from work."

–Joseph V.

"I just wanted you to know I received my Safe wallet last week, have been using for 4 days and LOOOOVVEEE it. My expectations were high and they were exceeded. Take heart in knowing you have put out a ground breaking product."

–Bill G.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is everything I could have ever asked for in a wallet and an iPhone case. There is nothing like it on the market, and I know, because I have researched everything on the internet, and owned a number of other wallet cases for iPhone 4 and 5. The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is highly functional and it does everything I need and more. Thank you for creating it, and I am so glad I discovered it! "

–Justin R.

"I'm really enjoying my new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. The capacity of the wallet is awesome! It's also built solidly.

–Zach C.

"I received the BulletTrain about 4 weeks ago and overall love the concept. The whole SAFE Wallet concept is fantastic, and I will definitely be a long-term supporter.

–Ben C.

"Overall the idea and BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case is awesome and I love not having to carry a wallet. For me, it is THE PERFECT IPHONE 5 CASE.

–Emile A.

"My BulletTrain SAFE Wallet frees up my pockets and carries all I need. This beautifully designed product is a business person's dream A must have for sure."

–Dan R.

"I love this SAFE Wallet and hope that you are able to keep producing this design into the future with other phones.

–Justin E.

"I wanted to add how much I enjoy the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case. It has changed my day to day life. Thank you .

–Michael S.

"After having used a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for a month, and having to send it back to you, it feels awkward using my wallet again.

–Mario S.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is truly amazing and it is the best thing for iPhone since the iPhone."

–Michael B.

"I just want to say that I am really enjoying my safe wallet. I now only carry keys and my safe wallet. I have been asked by many people about the safe wallet and I direct them to your website.

–David L.

"I just wanted to let you know I received by SAFE Wallet a few weeks ago and I think it is the best case I have every owned (and I have been through a lot of them). I was immediately impressed with the fit and function of the case. The buttons all operated perfectly and the door locked and opened exactly as I hoped. It is the simple design elements that make it so useful, for example the slot in the card case is perfect! It makes sliding a card out so easy (as it should be). Unfortunately so many other wallet cases failed to understand that removing a card should be easy. Great job to you and your team for an excellent product. You should be very proud of what you have produced.

–Allen M.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is a GREAT CASE/WALLET. It's fantastic and I can still carry my Silverback multi-tool, cash and an ATM card so I'm very happy. Great Job.

–Patrick G.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case has proven to be all that you advertised - and I really have enjoyed it so far. I know you have quite a hit on your hands!

–Mark D.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet functions beautifully! I have only had it for two weeks and I enjoy the ease of everything!"

–Chris G.

"I received my smart SAFE wallet a few weeks ago and after using it I am in love with it! Better then expected."

–Brooks S.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the Rolls Royce of iPhone cases."

–Jamie W.

"I really like my Safe Wallet Case...It's a really cool design, the door works great and I am glad to have been a backer of this project. Thanks :)"

–Adam S.

"Hey Jake. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that after a few weeks of using the Safe Wallet, I am nothing less than impressed. The case is solid and well built. Getting the cards in and out is a breeze, and now that the switches are worn in, I have no issues and they work well. I can't imagine having to carry a wallet again. This purchase was definitely one I am glad I made, and I am recommending the Safe Wallet to my friends."

–Derek F.

"Overall I think the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is great."

–Shepard P.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. You have designed a great product."

–Scott V.

" I must say that the Safe Wallet is the best wallet case I have ever used for the iPhone 5. Congratulations on seeing this product become a reality!."

–Clive S.

"I love my SAFE Wallet. I have told a ton of people about this case."

–Michael H.

"I truly love my SAFE Wallet. I think it's one of the most life changing purchases that I've made in the last 10 years."

–Gary P.

"I love the Safe Wallet and think you have achieved your goal of actually unifying the wallet and the phone case instead of just making a phone that holds a couple cards."

–Jaymond B.

"Got mine and it's truly a great case."

–Jacob H.

"I absolutely love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I am a true believer in the product and it is even better than I thought it would be. I love it, thank you!"

–Jordan D.

"Want to say I love my Safe Wallet and now need to order one each for my wife and son. Thanks and keep up the great work."

–Paul C.

"My whole life I carried around a George Constanza wallet, and I am so happy to have finally replaced it with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I love this thing! Thanks Jake!"

–Dave F.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is awesome. I love the hole concept. I have successfully gone cashless by using the Secret Stash for emergence money. The SAFE has made my life so much easier."

–Michael B.

"I love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and get compliments from people asking where I got it all the time. It's everything I could have asked for."

–Adam K.

"I am enjoying my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and I wish you all the success in the future with this and any other product.

–Brian M.

"I just wanted to send a note to let you know I have been using the SAFE Wallet case for almost a month now and it works as good as the day I bought it."

–Jim O.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is a serious clutter buster. It is hands down the best iPhone wallet case, and I know because I have owned them all. I love the fact I can fit 5 credit cards in the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, where with all the others, I could only fit 2 or 3, and that was pushing it. My search for the ultimate iPhone wallet case is now officially over, and I have found what I was looking for. Thanks so much!"

–Rob N.

"Let me say I am in love with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case. Everything works very well, I love the feel and the color of it, and it works fantastically. Thanks for the amazing product and awesome support."

–Clayt K.

"I must tell you the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is an AWESOME product as promised."

–Stephanie S.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet exceeds my expectations. Thanks for the good customer service.."

–Christopher G.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is just what I needed!"

–Sheila C.

"I love my safe wallet and I think you did a wonderful job."

–Charlie R.

"Hey Jake, First, congrats on getting through everything and getting this out the door! It's awesome to go without a wallet now, and everyone that sees me use the case has a comment... "Wow, what is that? That's awesome" "that's the coolest case I've ever seen" and "when can I get one?" (From my mother, an iPhone 4S owner). congrats again on an awesome product!"

–Michael L.

"I received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and it was everything I had hoped. It allowed me to completely replace my bulky wallet."

–Jameson J.

"At first, you will realize you are constantly checking for your wallet or money clip and realizing that it's in your phone. Once you get over that, you feel having a set of car keys and a phone is all you need and life will be more efficient. I don't carry cash but have one 50 dollar bill stashed in my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for emergency. Imagine 50 dollars can feed you for a few days and get you a ride to anywhere safe so I decided 50 bucks. The soft yet non-skid paint is perfect for holding in the hand or putting on a dashboard of a car, it won't slide much. The rubber bumper to keep the glass protected is also nice. I decided to test out my gorilla glass on my old Iphone 5 that had a broken screen. I tried to scratch it with a car key and I couldn't, so I didn't bother with a protective screen film like I religiously did in the past. My friends, co-employees and every cash register employee love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet when I pay from the back of my phone"

–Rene G.

"I love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case. A+"

–Mike W.

"So I have had my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for 5 days now and really I just love it!!!! Everyone who I show loves it and right away asked where I got it from .. Think I have showed your video 1000 times !! Lol!! I think once you get the little kinks out and can make a SAFE Wallet for most smartphones you will be a rich man !! If you ever need a sales person in ontario Canada I'm your girl !! Congrats & Cheers!!"

–Michelle F.

"Excellent piece of kit. Combined with my contact-less card it's genius!"

–James L.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is one of my favorite products ever."

–Matt P.

"Very happy with my new phone case. My husband and coworkers are eyeing my new case with envy :-)"

–Rachael C.

"Jake, let me start off by saying that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I find it only having to remember a phone in its case makes me feel great and everything is at the same place, all the time."

–Drew M.

"I have been using the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for a week and I love it. People keep asking me about it. I have used a number of wallet cases and this one is by far my favorite."

–Tara G.

" I really like using the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet as a wallet, especially with how light it still is."

–Chris H.

"5 Cards, cash and a key...Off to the gym with my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Dan R.

"You have a satisfied BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 customer. When are you coming out with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 4/4s?.

–Shachar N.

"I've been using my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for over a week and it's been working perfectly! I got a few people already interested in picking one up so I referred them to the Kickstarter campaign and the BulletTrain website... The case is the perfect size for everyday use. Not too bulky and it has a good grip too!"

–Rewilson C.

"I love this case!"

–Brooks S.

"My Safe Wallet Case continues to work perfectly. All buttons, jacks are in excellent shape. The case is slim and fits in my pocket. Actually smaller than the water-proof one I used. I'm past the point where I keep looking for my wallet. I'm fully adjusted knowing they are safe inside the case. :) Well worth the wait. I totally love my SAFE Wallet."

–Vincent L.

"I absolutely LOVE the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. Great job. The SAFE Wallet is a life-changer."

–Drew M.

"I really like the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet the packaging. It is dead simple to open and with prominent QR codes for installation vids, etc...I really like the SAFE Wallet. It's solidly built, the hinge swing, the click when it opens/closes, and the buttons! Never seen a case where the buttons worked as well as on this case. And coupled with some of your tips for reducing the need for a wallet, I've now got a pleasant mix of digital plus physical cards–and no separate wallet :) Also, the secret stash can also store nano-SIM cards, for us international travelers prone to losing the tiny things :D"

–Kerry C.

"Jake, My SAFE Wallet has been to work, to the gym, on motorcycle rides, tucked in airplane seat back pockets, to an amusement park, in a poolside cabana, to a banging tailgate party, and at a football game with 50,000 friends. Jeans, khakis, leather saddlebags, and damp swimsuits... Not a scratch, not a sign of wear, looks just like it did when it arrived. Great job, thanks a lot, and I hope there is a SAFE Wallet available for every cell phone that I buy in the future. Best of luck, and thanks a lot."

–Gordon S.

"Hey Jake, Your SafeWallet is awesome. I have received tons of compliments and I am sure you will continue to sell TONS of these."

–Marco F.

"Your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet arrived here in the Netherlands a few weeks ago, and I am enjoying your Safe Wallet for my iPhone 5. The people I have shown the Safe Wallet to are very curious and surprised about the product and especially the fact that the credit/debit cards are not visible. No other product comes close to the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. "

–Brian B.

"I have had a chance to use my new Bullettrain wallet and really like its features. I love this case. It has now become my wallet, having put my Bookbook case in the drawer. Indeed, I have received many complements in the US and on my recent travels in Europe."

–Bryant A.

"Jake, I just received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet down-under in Australia. What a great design and great quality product. I hope you have every success with this. It is perfect and exactly what I was after."

–Jon F.

"I really love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Ryan R.

"Just got my safe wallet !!! It's so cool!! I got the colour I wanted and I put it in and all the buttons work perfect !! Worth the wait !! Thanks again!! Can't wait to show it off!! "

–Michelle F.

"I gotta say I've been waiting for this safe wallet for days and now that its finally here i love it! The case it self with the phone in doesn't feel bulky at all like other phone wallet cases. The back is very smooth. Case feels very sturdy and the rubber in the front is a plus. It works with my screen protector (a glass one that adds dimension)."

–Ed M.

"Great case. Great hand feel. Great size. I love it. Best case I've ever had!!!!"

–Ed M.

"I just wanted to say that I got my Safe Wallet today, and I really like it. I put everything in it before I could even sit down after picking it up from the college mail room. I put my university id, drivers license, debit card, and my dorm key in it. It really is a great product. Thank you so much for making it."

–Caleb H.

"I just got my case in the mail and I couldn't be happier with the product! Great job on this case! I will tell everyone I know to order your product for their iPhone. Good luck to you and I wish you all the best!"

–Bryan M.

"Got my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. Absolutely amazing. Recommending it to all my friends!!! Great work."

–Julie M.

""The Safe Wallet is a GREAT ITEM! Don't know HOW I SURVIVED WITHOUT IT!! My son, who is a Technology Manager ordered one for his iPhone5 and just received his today! I personally saw it and touched it.!! It is very streamlined and compact, maximizing all the useful features while adding very little bulk. It also adds a nice look to the phone! I immediately pre ordered the Safe Wallet for MY iPhone 5 and can not wait to receive it! AND... when I upgrade my iPhone, I will be purchasing another knowing that it will be a forever part of my iPhone!! THANKS just made my life a whole lot simpler!! "

–Sharon K.

"Received and assembled my Ruby Red Safe Wallet just now and am sooooooooo impressed. I have two $100 bills in the secret stash, 4 business cards, a drivers license, a credit card, a blank check, & three bills, 5, 10 & $20 all fitting nicely. Jake all that pain and suffering of bringing it to production has paid off in spades and I hope for you too. Cant wait to give my girlfriend the black one. You do know quality and are a perfectionist. Congratulations to you and your team. Just ordered two more........."

–Steve C.

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It works GREAT. Just as expected. !"

–Svend T.

"BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is working great. Love it !"

–Jeff T.

"Really like my Safe Wallet. It's a real nice product. Feels solid but doesn't add a lot of weight overall which is nice."

–Joseph N.

"Hey Jake, Received my iPhone 5 Safe Wallet approximately 2 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!! One of the best designed products I have ever had the privilege of owning and using on a daily basis. Using the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet makes my life so much simpler and easier, having one less item to lug around. I think it was you who said that one may walk out of the house without your wallet, or you may walk out of the house without your phone, but you'll never walk out without both, once you combine them in the Safe Wallet. The SAFE is awesome and I find myself wondering every time I pull my phone from my pocket how I ever got along without it! My friends are tiring of hearing me rave about it. All the best and keep up the great design."

–Kevin T.

"I received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet today in South Africa, and it is BRILLIANT! Many thanks for a terrific product. I wish you guys everything of the best for future iterations."

–Lomesh P.

"I immensely enjoy the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case. Very easy and handy. Thanks again for the product it is awesome!"

–Phillip B

"Hey I just received my safe wallet and put it on my iPhone 5. I love it! "

–Anthony M

"Wanted to say thank you for shipping my new case. It really is incredible."

–Craig M

"Hi Jake, I just wanted to thanks for making such an AWESOME CASE!!! I love my new phone case! It was totally worth the wait and I am beyond satisfied. Your hard work is definitely recognized and appreciated!"

–Daniel S

"I am very satisfied with my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet...I am very happy with this purchase and would buy no other current case on the market. I love it, my friends love/want it, very satisfied customer."

–Chris W

"Hi, I received my Safe wallet case on Aug 27 and I live in Toronto, Canada. I had ordered just prior to the cut-off point in July. I have had the case for about a week now and agree that it is a very good quality. I like the fact that it is easier to remove the phone from the case than other “hard shell” cases that I own."

–Abe D

"I got my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet last week. This is an amazing product, all my friends and coworkers go “wow” when they see it, and ask how they can get it.... again, very impressed with this wallet/case combo. Bravo for Bullet Train…….."

–Abimael D

"I really dolove the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Ryan R.

"I got my SAFE wallet, and I love it! The other day I ran into my first potential issue. I had just parked at a garage and needed somewhere to put the ticket so I wouldn’t lose it. Normally I would put this in my wallet but my SAFE wallet was full. However when you open the SAFE wallet I found that you can simply place the card in the open space between the iPhone back and the SAFE Wallet. It fits perfectly without affecting the secure closure of the wallet and is great for those temporary items that you pick up on the go."

–Dave G.

"I received the SAFE Wallet about a week ago and I love it! It is so sleek and comfortable in my hand...the way the volume and mute buttons are integrated into the design further adds to it’s ability to keep the phone dry in the event of heavy rain. "

–Amy N.

"I have been using my Safe Wallet for iPhone5 for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it!"

–Chris S.

"Just wanted to chime in and say I received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and it's as great as I hoped it would be. The quality is as good as you said it would be, and exceeded my expectations. I will buy again, as it really has changed the way I use my iPhone and my wallet for the better. "

–Raphael S.

"I backed and got my SAFE Wallet yesterday and its friggin awesome!"

–Elias F

"The design of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is perfect and I love the minimalist style. This case is ideal for me!"

–Ryan A.

"I've been loving my phone safe wallet."

–Cameron E.

"Hi Jake. You were right! What an awesome product. You did a fantastic job, and I'll be pushing business your way! I'm so thrilled with my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I would like to buy a few for my wedding party."

–David S.

"You have made a great case. It's great to no longer carry a wallet, but it does take some getting used to; in fact, during my first few days with the case I found myself patting my pocket to get my wallet. I've already had people ask me where I purchased the product when I pull out my case to make a purchase. I'm so happy with the product that when the new Iphone 6 is introduced, with presumably new dimensions, I will refrain from buying it until you create a mold and product to accommodate the new model. I just won't go back to having to having a wallet. I happily threw out my wallet 2 days after receiving the Bullettrain Iphone case. I'd rather have the Iphone 5 with your case than the Iphone 6 without the case. Therefore, please work hard to get that mold and product out when the new Iphone arrives. All the best.."

–Greg H.

"I received my SAFE Wallet in the U.K. It's amazing piece of kit! Many thanks."

–Sunil G.

"I just want to say thank you for an amazing product. It truly is a remarkable case. The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is by far the best wallet case I have ever had for an iPhone and so much more. It was definitely worth the wait. I had backed another wallet case on Kickstarter that I was using for several months prior to receiving my SafeWallet, and while it was a great companion to my iPhone, it does not compare to the usability of your product. I was telling my wife the other day, any wallet case I've ever used was wallet first then phone (usually on the inside). I think the SafeWallet maintains a harmonious balance between the two. Thanks again."

–Ryan T.

" I just received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and it is AWESOME! Well worth the wait. Great job on the all the details and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Thanks!"

–Darren M.

"Jake, the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is an amazing product and can't wait to order a back up. Everyone who see's it wants their own! I just want to say congratulations on making such a beautiful product and I hope you get a lot more success! I'm proud to have backed your product!!!!"

–Christian B.

"Just got my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet today and I love it! Thanks Jake, for making your superb product!"


"Like my SAFE Wallet so much I have ordered 3 more colors."

–Napoleon R.

"I just received by BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and I think it's amazing. #1 Watch the installation video link from the QR Code on the box, it took me about 3 times to get everything to fit perfectly, with such a snug fit. Once everything clicks right works great. #2 Everything Stock from Apple works perfectly, my aftermarket chargers no... however the benefit of only having to carry my phone instead of my phone and wallet is amazing and totally worth it. Thanks Jake. I'm a happy customer. =)"

–Phillip M.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is Number One. Nothing else comes close."

–Mark S.

"Simply perfect. Thanks Jake, hope you make sqillions!!!"

–Colin N.

"I'm in love with this case! It's solidly built, the material is exquisite (doesn't stick to clothes, just enough friction to stay put), great smooth finish, excellent and effective button feel (finally! it's tough to find a case where they work), all-around protection, great carrying capacity, good camera opening, and cool kickstand. It's a dream! Thank you, and congratulations :) And thanks again Jake, it was well worth it :)"

–Kerry C.

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for this case! I received mine yesterday and it is even better than I thought it would be. I love it, thank you!"

–Jordan L.

"Jake i would like to say that the case is pretty much everything i had been looking for and was exactly as you described. You made a great product, and for the most part it is flawless."

–Chris T.

"I recently received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and after waiting for so long I can safely admit it was everything I wanted and more. Installation was easy and I immediately enjoyed getting rid of my wallet."

–Amar K.

"This iPhone 5 wallet case is the best I've ever laid my hands on. I am so pleased with the product and happy that I trusted you Jake to come through with the product. This is where I will praise you for your genius idea of making an all in one case that could serve the masses... Your case, design, price, integration is awesome."

–Rene G.

"I placed my order today for one for my husband. The product looks fantastic. My husband is always misplacing his wallet but he always has his phone with him and know where it is at. I figured this would help him. I showed him the Bullet iPhone case and he loved the looks and idea of it."

–Debbie H

"Everyone is asking me where I got the case. The case really is cool and helps show the beauty of the iPhone 5. Well worth the wait."

–Vincent L.

"Overall Works great and a great product Good job JAKE!! can't wait to see future products from you."


"Jake. I just received my Stealth Black Safe Wallet that was ordered through your Kickstarter campaign. I just wanted to personally thank the BulletTrain team for all of the hard work they have put into this product. I have used just about every wallet case (from custom leather made cases to run of the mill hard plastic) and NONE compare to the Safe Wallet. This is precisely what I have been looking for. FINALLY! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can now keep my most important credit cards and business cards in one area and a little reserve cash tucked away. Amazing job done on an amazing product. I can't wait to show it off! Best regards."

–Heather H.

"This is a mind blowing product, worthy of all the excitement and anticipation! Everyone who sees it can't believe it! The best of success to you all!!"

–Andy M.

"I got my case/wallet today and it's awesome!! Thank you and kudos to you. I know you took a lot of crap on Kickstarter from impatient folks, so I hope now you get LOTS of apologies and thanks. Great job!"

–Amy R.

"Got my SAFE Wallet today in Bangalore, India.. its fantastic... love the product... every iPhone owner is asking me how to get one... have passed on your website address...thanks a ton... and all the best for your future products... it was worth the wait... "

–Malay K.

"Just wanted to say "Thank You!" I got my Ruby Red BulletTrain Safe Wallet for my iPhone 5 today and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks again for your spectacular product!"

–Linda M.

"Overall, I am impressed.  I like having been liberated from my wallet."

–Derek F.

"I have never owned or used anything that made me feel more like James Bond, than the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. The Secret Stash, the way cards slide in and out of the wallet, the way the wallet door opens and closes, the built-in stand that can instantly go from portrait to landscape, the sleek sexy lines, the super-comfortable curves, the protective build quality, the great looks! The list goes on and on and on! The SAFE is one sexy creature, and I am madly in love with this uber-case!"

–Ryan E.

"BulletTrain has done a great job. Everything I expected. Thanks."

–Mike N.

"I'm from the Netherlands and received my Bullettrain Safewallet last week. It's absolutely great!"

–Bjorn T.

"I Love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case.  It is exactly what I have been looking for.  I do not like carrying a wallet and I always have my phone with me.  Perfect combination!!!"

–Ken G.

"I just got my blue SAFE Wallet today, and my wife got her silver one on Monday. I have to say, this is absolutely everything Jake promised. It holds exactly 5 credit cards, I have a $20 bill in the "secret stash", and the whole thing is only SLIGHTLY heavier and thicker than my iPhone was in my Incipio Feather case I had previously. WOW! All of the buttons work perfectly, and my Apple Lightning charger and Apple in-ear pods both plug in just like they should. If I had one complaint, I would say I'm just having a little trouble adjusting to feeling for my wallet in my pocket and not finding it there!! But, is that really a complaint? NOPE!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HAVING MY WALLET AND PHONE TOGETHER IN ONE UNIT! This thing is absolutely amazing, and I plan to show it to everyone I know!"

–David W.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet seems as well made as any other aftermarket case, but more practical with the added wallet feature. Overall I'm thoroughly impressed"

–Matt P.

"WOW that's Quality: Received and assembled my Ruby Red Safe Wallet just now and am sooooooooo impressed.  I have two $100 bills in the secret stash. In the wallet I have 4 business cards, a drivers license, a credit card, a blank check, & three bills, 5, 10 & $20 all fitting nicely.  Jake all that pain and suffering of bringing it to production has paid off in spades and I hope for you too.  I can't wait to give my girlfriend the black one.  You do know quality and are a perfectionist.  Congratulations to you and your team.  Just ordered two more........."

–Seth P.

"BulletTrain SAFE Wallet just arrived, and it was soooooo worth the wait! I've used every other brand of wallet case and this by far exceeds them all!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JAKE! You made a great product!"

–Jan W.

"Excellent job Jake, everything as expected! I got my red safe wallet today! Already one guy asked me about the details when I was in market place! Good luck!"

–Anjan M.

"This thing is absolutely insane!!!"

–Dave R.

"WOW!! I am loving my iPhone 5 SAFE case! I can't believe how perfect it is! Thank you so much!"

–Stacy G.

"Jake. The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is one of the best products I have ever purchased. It works exactly like you said it would!"

–Costa R.

"The only problem with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is I keep thinking I forgot my wallet, then I realize its in my iPhone case!"

–Vincent L.

"Just got me BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!!! It's everything they said it was!! It's extremely wll made and great looking!!! Thanks Jake!! ."

–Drukker A.

"My Safe Wallet (iPhone 5) came today and I love it.  It's sharp, slim and perfect!"

–Nancy R.

"I want to first thank you for the follow up and to tell you that I did get the case. I am very pleased with the quality and functionality of the SAFE wallet for the iPhone 5 case. It is amassing and I already have people asking me where they can get one. You have an amazing product, I am really happy with it.  Congratulation and good job."

–Alex M.

"Less than 24 hours with my SAFE Wallet and I'm really appreciating the little things like not sitting on a wallet and realizing how I could simplify my life by carrying only what I need. It satisfies my practical inner-geek."

–Diego D.

"Just got home to find my SAFE wallet waiting for me. It is all I wanted and more. Thank you for a great product."

–David S.

"Safe wallet is "BAD ASS".

–Ed M.

"Got my safe Wallet everyone and I know everyone is going to want one! Thank you, it was well worth the wait!"

–Kathy G.

"Best wallet case in the market. Great job with it Jake! I love mine."

–Alpha O.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is showing me that I have so many things that I don't need."

–Gary E.

"Jake, I just received my safe wallet today and wanted to say you may think of adding one thing. A huge plant to make these by the thousands a day as everyone is going to want one. It is truly amazing!!"

–Paul C.

"Every time I look a the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I seriously wonder how I ever lived without it!? I absolutely LOVE it!!!"

–Rob C.

"The SAFE wallet is the absolute best iPhone cover ever! I love the wallet and phone in one. Excellent product and I highly recommend it!"

–Kody B.

"Hi Jake! I just wanted to tell you that I received my Safe Wallet today (a day ahead of schedule) and I absolutely love it! I wish I could write a comment for others to see on Kickstarter and maybe help calm their uneasy souls a bit, but I can't since I did a pre-order through your website. Thanks for the fantastic case! I had been looking for something like this for a long time. I am now clutter-free :)"


"Got my safe wallet yesterday, very impressed, awesome, loving it so far....perfect fit and performs great, just as expected, just as promised...."

–Abi D.

"Jake, The Safe Wallet is the best phone case ever for iPhone. It blows my expectations out of the water. I am very impressed with his it turned out. Thanks for such a great product!"

–Kody B.

"I received my safe wallet in the mail today and and I am VERY excited about starting to use it. It looks and FEELS great. I am very impressed with the quality"

–Amy K.

"Love the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. Well worth the wait"

–Tim W.

"The SAFE Wallet is AWESOME!!!"

–Vick B.

"I Love, Love, Love my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Hollis H.

"I LOVE IT, its perfect in all aspects. I love it, it's perfect."

–Michelle L.

"Loving my new Safe Wallet! One less thing to carry around."

–Roy D.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is beautifully engineered, and I absolutely love the wallet."

–Howard C.

"I am very happy with my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet."

–Sharon S.

"I do LOVE the SAFE Wallet functionality!."

–Eric D.

"I just got my SAFE case and I love it!! In particular, I love the packaging and I love how innocuous the invisible the hidden wallet it. I mean, you can't even see there is a wallet."

–Austin D.

"Got it!! Love it!! Thanks."

–Josh P.

"Just got my SAFE Wallet case yesterday!!!! It is AWESOME and so worth the wait!!!! I had a question & emailed about it and I actually got a call in about 15 minutes!!! Awesome case & awesome customer service!!! Get one!!!!."

–Tori R.

"I just received my BulletTrain SAFE Wallets and you did a great job. I'm impressed with the finish, and the fit. Worth the wait. BTW my cousin just ordered 4 the other day from England. Thanks."

–Howard H.

"The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is exactly what I need. I am always leaving my ID at home on accident but my phone is always in my back pocket!."

–Nancy P.

"I love the look of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 wallet case. Have already bought 2 other wallet cases for iPhone 5 and they just don't cut it because they don't hold enough stuff and make it too difficult to access everything."

–Ed K.

"My wife and I each just pledged $39 (silver for her, blue for me). Jake, this is a brilliant idea! There's nothing worse than having my pockets full of junk every time I leave my house...iPhone, overstuffed wallet and keys. Until they come out for a way to really digitize all of my locks, drivers license, credit cards and cash, your solution seems to be the next best thing. I have spent several months scouring the internet for an all-in-one solution to carry everything I need, and yours is the closest I've seen yet to perfection. The design is so simple and elegant, I think Steve Jobs himself would have approved! Best of luck to you!"

–David W.

"I'm looking forward to receiving my new Bullet Train SAFE Wallet down under. I've tried various phone/wallet combos and they have all failed in one way or another to provide the functionality and form. I applaud you for investing so much time, thought and testing into such an innovative product.."

–Lee N.

"I am so excited about the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!!!! I absolutely love this case and I CANNOT wait to show it off to friends and family!"

–Patricia P.

"For some time now, I have been puzzling on how to lessen the amount of stuff I carry with me. Your approach to rethinking the wallet (brilliant), and the resultant SAFE Wallet seems to be a great answer."

–Al N.

"I cannot wait to get my BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I love the design, simplicity, the amount it can hold, and the fact it doesn't add bulk."

–Justin E.

"Using the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet kickstand as a flashlight stand, in a dark area is a great idea that I hadn't even though of. I have tried propping my phone up numerous times on something to use the flashlight. Cant wait to get this case. Congrats!"

–Chris T.

"I have a great instinct for innovative designs and you've got my blood pumping for the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. I cannot wait to get a hold of one and I'm happy to be your East Coast advocate!"

–Darren M.

"Yo Jake, Remember me? I'm the dude who took the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform to Bali. I've been a diehard user of the Otterbox Defender since day one -- I've owned three of them -- but what prompted me to switch to the SAFE Wallet is losing my wallet recently for the 2nd time in two years. I leave shit everywhere but I never lose my iPhone so I figure the SAFE will finally solve my problems. Also, it is readily apparent that the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is a quantum leap forward, and I can't wait to get one! "

–Matthew Taylor.

"I'm delighted at the intelligent and exquisite design of your SafeWallet."

–AL N.

"I very much hope this project not only gets off the ground but that your product thrives. I chose the red SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5, although I own an iPhone 4S. Should the 4S case become available count me in! I have used several iPhone wallets, currently an ilid, and I have found them all lacking in some respect. The SAFE wallet looks like the perfect product and I can't wait for the day when I can thrown yet another failed case (iLID) in the trash in favor of one that actually works! Please, Please, Please produce a 4S case... if not, this could be an expensive proposition upgrading phones to make use of a case."

–Mark S.

"I'm very excited about the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. So many iPhone wallet cases don't have much intelligent thought put into them, which the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet looks like it has in spades! It's time to ditch the old, carry-everything paradigm."

–Kerry C.

"Yesterday, I was praising the SAFE Wallet to a co-worker. I showed him the site, told him I wanted one. I want one of those cases, a red one. I have yet to find an iPhone case that even comes close to the functionality. It’s like you plugged into my brain and created what I wanted to create. I’m dying not having a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. It is literally EXACTLY what I would design if I were to construct my own case. My favorite aspect is that it houses enough stuff. All the other cases simply don’t hold enough or look right and they make too many design concessions. The SAFE Wallet has made no concessions. The other thing I like most is it just looks great. I know that’s not really a feature per se, but it really is. Function over form is paramount, but most companies go for form over function. You guys have managed to capture both equally. Kudos!"

–David C.

"Thank you for making an AWESOME true wallet for the iPhone 5! I can't wait to put by iPhone 5 in a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet! *Shaking with anticipation*."

–Ryan D.

"I really need a SAFE Wallet. I love the looks & more importantly I love the fact it's easily accessible while being incognito."


"I (and my husband) are really excited to get BulletTrain SAFE Wallets. He's usually indifferent on cases, but he is really excited about this one! We're planning on upgrading to the iPhone 5 soon and have been searching on Google for iPhone cases with wallets. My husband has been using the Incipio Stowaway case for his current phone and I liked the idea of it, but wanted something that looked nicer and held more than 3 cards. I've seen many different products out there, but the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet by far fits all the criteria I was looking for: lightweight, not bulky, good quality, can still utilize the buttons/ports/camera easily, and can protect the phone from scratches/dropping. We can't wait to get our hands on it! ."

–Sarah G.

"I couldn't contain myself after finding the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet on the web ... I REALLY want a safe wallet for my iPhone 5 ... I think it the best wallet case I have seen by far. Thank you for inventing this and I will be ordering one as soon as they become available."

–Peter F.

"I can't wait to get a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, and I am even switching to the iPhone 5, just so I can have a SAFE Wallet because I think it is so amazing! I can't wait to be able to get rid of my wallet and and have one less thing I have to carry in my pockets."

–Matt R.

"I will be traveling abroad this spring and this is the best iPhone case/wallet I have found! I cannot wait to use it! It's going to make everything so much easier when I travel!"

–Bobby V.

"I have tried a number of different wallet cases for iPhone, but this one seems to be completely what I am looking for! The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet seems easy to use, with safe access to more cards than the most other wallet cases, and nice design also!"

–Björn S.

"I need a SAFE Wallet in my life! I've been looking far and wide for this iPhone case exactly. I've purchased 6 iPhone wallet cases and am still very unsatisfied. The design of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case is exactly what I've been looking for and I'll continue to spread the word about this great product."

–Richard E.

"I am most definitely in need of a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet!"

–Sheena T.

"I came across your Kickstarter campaign for the SAFE Wallet. I really love your approach to simplicity and minimalism. Most of the other wallet/case designs that I’ve seem are more of a part-time solution only for those times when you can get away carrying only a card and a few bills. I really like your more “full-time” approach to the minimalist case/wallet that might let me actually get rid of my “Costanza” wallet for good."

–Sean O.

"I'm in the market for a new phone, and I was going to buy a cheaper smartphone, but after seeing the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet it may sway me to shell out the extra cash and get an iPhone."

–Patrick S.

"My dad told me about your SAFE Wallet the other day, and I thought, "Big deal. Another case for a phone." After seeing this thing in action, I am a convert. This thing is ridiculously awesome."

–Adriano L.

"I used to forget and misplace my wallet all the time. This would happen to me because I would remove my wallet from my purse at home to buy something online, or look at my health insurance card, and I would forget to put my wallet back in my purse. Last time I forgot my wallet at home, I realized it when I was standing in line at the grocery store, right before they closed on Thanksgiving Eve! Ugh!!! With the SAFE Wallet, I can't ever lose my wallet again. This thing is so simple, and brilliant. I still can't believe how compact and comfortable the SAFE Wallet is, yet it fits more than I need to carry with me everywhere I go. I love using a SAFE Wallet!!!"

–Ashley S.

"I am an engineering student at Purdue and I can relate to the amazing engineering in the SAFE Wallet. I have a deep appreciation for works like this one. Something that particularly impressed me was the secret inside storage. It may not seem like much, or a no brainer to someone, but having that emergency $20 (as I typically always carry) right there with your phone is extremely handy. I know I am apprehensive about going somewhere without cash, but I would rather not tote my wallet. This often leads me straight to my sock. Your design and solution is very pleasing.."

–Alex K.

"I think the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is the best iPhone case I have ever seen."

–Dale R.

"I really, really want one of these cases!"

–Brent B.

"I love the SAFE Wallet. Most wallets are designed like the Winchester Mystery House, with doors that open to brick walls, and stairs that lead nowhere. I used to carry around so much unnecessary stuff in my old wallet, and often times I could never find anything in it. With the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I only carry what I need, and I can now instantly find everything I need. The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet really is the best travel wallet."

–Bruce C.

"Like some others, I want to eliminate my wallet and just carry a phone with a wallet case. I looked at every one I could find in stores and on the web, and the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet looks like the thinnest one that will still hold 4 cards. I want it to be thin enough for me to comfortably carry in my front pants pocket, and I don't want a flap or cover covering the screen. The stand feature is a nice bonus, but it wasn't a requirement for me. Obviously I wish I could see/hold one before ordering, but your photos and videos do a good job showing the product."

–Gordon S.

"I appreciate that this [BulletTrain SAFE Wallet] is an iPhone wallet case. I've seen hundreds of them and this one is not primarily different."

–John Biggs

East Coast Editor for & former Editor-In-Chief of

"I need the SAFE Wallet in my life. It's exactly what I've been looking for the last year."

–Richard C.

"Yes, the SAFE Wallet revolutionizes the wallet, but I still can't believe how good looking the SAFE Wallet is. It is by far and away the best looking iPhone case I have ever seen. The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is basically the George Clooney of iPhone cases. I am really clumsy so I need an iPhone case that will really protect my iPhone, and I am so impressed with how sturdy the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is."

–Brenda B.

"I am a contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area and need a case that will protect my iPhone from shocks and drops. I used to use a protective case that looked and felt like I was carrying around a Big Mac in my pocket. I tried using the SAFE Wallet, and I am shocked that something that is so small can be so protective. The irony is that when the SAFE Wallet is completely filled up with my wallet contents, it is still way skinnier and more compact than my old iPhone case. This thing is really remarkable."

–Pete S.

"When I go out clubbing or go out on the town, I don't like to have to carry a big, bulky purse with me. The SAFE Wallet is just perfect. Also, when I go running on the Marina Green in San Francisco, I like carrying the SAFE Wallet on a wrist lanyard, with my ID, credit card, and house keys."

–Tanya F.

"I love this thing and I am completely stunned with how useful the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is!!! I could not feel better."

–Ryan W.

"I loved testing the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet prototype. I can't wait to get a production model. What can I get one!?!.

–Nadine R.

"I own a BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and when I first saw the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I instantly recognized the stunningly cool BulletTrain minimalist design language. I BulletTrain just went from reinventing the ergonomic keyboard to doing the same thing with the SAFE. Congrats and best of luck to you. I am certain the BulletTrain SAFE Case will go on to become the best selling iPhone case of all time!".

–Stan L.