SAFE Wallet Guide

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet guide begins with instructions for how to best install and remove your iPhone. This guide also serves as a central repository to teach you "How To" best utilize your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. In particular, this guide is designed to share insightful tips and tricks on how to completely streamline your SAFE Wallet as well as your life. How can streamlining your wallet, help streamline your life? Having your SAFE Wallet ultra-organized will give you a blissful Zen-like feeling, and doing so will reduce stress, by giving you one less thing to worry about. It may also inspire you to rethink how to organize other aspects of your life. We will continue to expand and update this guide in the future, so be sure to check back.

iPhone Installation Instructions

• Step 1: Lay your iPhone flat on top of the SAFE Wallet and press/snap in all four corners of your iPhone. (To see a video on how to best install the SAFE Wallet click here).

• Step 2: Grab the Ring/Silent Switch on the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and pull it back toward the iPhone screen really hard, so it will ramp up and over the iPhone Ring/Silent switch. Once this is done, it will work perfectly.

Troubleshooting the Sleep/Wake Power Button

The Sleep/Wake Power Button is located on the top right hand side of your iPhone. A small number of users reported having issues with the Sleep/Wake button getting stuck, causing their iPhone to want to power off, as well as being unresponsive. After experimenting with several iPhone 5s, we discovered two different iPhones can behave differently in the exact same BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. To fix this issue, install your iPhone into the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet by snapping in the bottom left and right hand corners of your iPhone first. Next, place your index finger on the top ledge of the iPhone, next to the Sleep/Wake power button, making sure you are not touching the Sleep/Wake Power Button. Next, using your index finger slide your iPhone downward into the bottom of the safe wallet, like drawer. The goal is to make certain you iPhone slides down as far as it can, before you snap in the upper left and right hand corners.

Troubleshooting the Ring/Silent Switch

The Ring/Silent switch is located just above the Volume Up/Down buttons on the left side of your iPhone. The Ring/Silent Switch must be engaged every time you install your iPhone into your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. In order to achieve this, follow the instruction in the video above. Engage your Ring/Silent Switch initially, by pulling the switch toward the iPhone screen with a significant amount of force, which will cause it to latch on and permanently grab your iPhones Ring/Silent Switch. If after reading this section you still have a challenge please check out these more detailed instructions.

Bumper Coverage

The rubber bumper on your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet protects the edge of your screen as well as the entire perimeter of your iPhone. Sometimes, when installing your iPhone, the rubber can get tucked between your case and the phone in small sections. Squeezing/pressing the edge of the SAFE Wallet firmly inward around the perimeter of the case where you are experiencing this issue will untuck the rubber and cause it to sit correctly. In other words, place you thumb on the are that is tucked in, and apply pressure to the edge, pressing the side edge inward toward the center of the iPhone, and you will see it magically snap into place.

How To Digitize Your Big Wallet Instantly

It is truly amazing how quickly our analog world is converging with our digital world. If you carry an iPhone with you everywhere you go, you already have a superb supercomputer in your pocket, which is capable of digitizing most of the contents in your wallet. BulletTrain designer, Jake Ehrlich designed this real world "How To Guide" to make your SAFE Wallet perfect. In this guide, Jake will walk you through the benefits of simplifying your wallet with the SAFE Wallet!

First Things First

Before we examine all the things you can digitize–so you don't need to carry them around in your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet–let's take a look at what you likely should cary in your SAFE Wallet compartment. In Jake's SAFE Wallet compartment he typically carries 10 items which include: A Drivers License, a VISA Card, An ATM Visa/Debit Card, a Cash Bill folded in thirds, and 6 business cards. When he goes for a run, walk or walks to his local gym or restaurant, he swaps out his ATM Visa/Debit Card and two business cards with his house keys.

SAFE Wallet Contents

• iPhone 5/5s

• Drivers License or ID Card

• VISA, MasterCard or American Express

• Cash Bill (folded in thirds)

• Bank ATM Visa Debit Card (optional)

• Business Cards (optional)

• A $20 or $50 Cash Bill Hidden in Secret Stash Compartment (optional)

The SAFE Wallet compartment is universal and can carry many other things. For instance, it can hold a thin USB drive, Hotel Room Key Card, Theater Tickets, Concert Tickets, as well as girls hair ties, and even thing like gum. One of the main secrets to success with using your SAFE Wallet is to prioritize the order in which you keep your cards. Stack your cards so the card you use most is on the top which is likely a credit cards or debit card. Next you probably want to keep your ID, they cash bill folded in thirds, followed by your business cards if you carry them.

Better SAFE Than Sorry

The SAFE Wallet's hollow core wallet door is the perfect thickness to fit up to 5 credit cards or 15 business cards, but that's just the beginning! It's extremely easy to swap out one or more cards for other essentials on the go! The diagram below outlines six different possible scenarios for how you can configure your SAFE Wallet to match your lifestyle. What will you keep SAFE?


Eliminate Cash & Coins

It may seem counter-intuitive, but when using your SAFE Wallet it is a good idea to try to keep the wallet compartment completely filled-up all the time. This way contents won't rattle, and you won't be able to put anything else in it. Jake contemplated adding a very thin, spring-loaded mechanism in the SAFE Wallet compartment to keep things from being able to rattle around, but ultimately decided he would rather utilize the same space to carry the thickness of an additional credit card.


A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place

So why would you want to always have your SAFE Wallet at full-capacity? So you can't put unnecessary things in it. The fundamental premise of the SAFE Wallet is you want to always Be Prepared, and you NEVER want to unnecessarily packrat, hoard or keep things in your wallet that you don't need. This premise might seem unusual at first, but you will experience great peace of mind by always knowing exactly what you carry with you. This way you will always be able to instantly access everything, without hunting or having to waste time thinking about it.

A great way to optimize the compartment capacity of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is to nest credit cards face-to-face, in a Yin & Yang layout. Credit cards are deceptively thick in the sense they typically have raised brail numbers that make them thicker than they appear to be. If you stacked 5 credit cards on top of each other, by placing them all in the exact same orientation, with the brail numbers stacked on top of each other, the pile would fan up, and become lopsided and much thicker than if you optimize the stack. The ideal way to optimize the layout of credit cards in the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet would be to create two piles of credit cards, that each consist of two credit cards. Each pile should have the credit card numbers facing each other, but in a Yin & Yang interlaced kind of way. Then place one pile on top of the other so the two piles are back to back. Then place your 5th credit card on top of the pile facing away from the cards below it, or the fifth card could be a drivers license. It is amazing how using this trick can save space in the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet .

Another great trick for gaining "extra" space in your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, would be to take advantage of the extra airspace that exists between your iPhone 5/5s and the wallet compartment on your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. For instance, if you fold a $20 bill in thirds, you can store in outside the wallet compartment, in-between the wallet and iPhone. Also, you can use this space for things like storing a 3M sticky note or even a parking garage or valet ticket. There is just enough air-space between the back of the iPhone and wallet compartment so it can safely close and stay locked.

Secret Stash

What is the point of the Secret Stash feature? The SAFE Wallet has a built-in Secret Stash compartment which is located next to the camera ring. Simply stated, the Secret Stash can be used to cary anything you want to keep safe and secret. Jake uses this compartment to cary a single cash bill for emergency spending. In order to properly fit a single bill in the Secret Stash compartment, you fold it up origami style, place it in the Secret Stash Compartment, they insert your iPhone. Once the iPhone is in place, the contents of the Secret Stash are completely safe and out of sight. All you have to do to access the Secret Stash is easily remove your iPhone.

The Secret Stash compartment can hold all kinds of small things beside case. You can use it to hold your iPhone SIM card when you travel internationally. You can even use it to hold mini mints like Altoids.

The Secret Stash compartment will also allow you to go completely cashless...if you dare. Chances are, you could probably completely eliminate cash from your life if you chose. Choosing to do so would also free up more room in the SAFE Wallet compartment. So try conducting this experiment. Don't keep any cash in the main compartment or your SAFE Wallet. Instead, keep a $20, $50 or $100 bill in the Secret Stash compartment–for emergency spending. Eliminating cash bills from you wallet is also a sanitary benefit. Think about it? If you purchase something with cash, and the person at the register is sick, and they give you change, it goes directly from their hands to yours, along with cold or flu germs. And who want to carry coins around in their pockets? Since we are on the subject of coins, when was the last time you payed for something with change? Pay-phones are almost non-existent, and most parking meters take alternate forms of payment. The bottom-line is that cash and coins are quickly becoming obsolete.

Keep Cards & Cash In Your Car

We just took a look at the benefits of going cashless. No let's take a look at Car options. If you own a car and you belong to warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam's Club that might not yet accept digital cards, chances are you drive to them in a car. If so, consider purchasing a simple change purse that you keep in your glove compartment, center console or even in the trunk of your car. In the change purse some of the things you can keep in it are things like your AAA card, Costco card or any plastic cards you might need. Also consider keeping some emergency cash and coins in it just in case.

Find My iPhone

If you keep your iPhone separate from your wallet it will take up two pockets. If you use a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, it will likely be thinner than your current wallet, while easily and comfortably fitting in only one pocket. Also, if you keep your iPhone separate from your wallet and lose your wallet, good luck with ever finding it. If you ever lose or can't find your SAFE Wallet when at home or work, you can simply call your iPhone and you will instantly find your wallet. Imagine being able to call your wallet and have it ring!

If you use a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet you are far less likely to ever lose it, because when you only have one thing to worry about, you will find yourself making certain you always have it. In the unlikely event you ever lose your SAFE Wallet, if somebody finds it, it is unlikely they will even figure out there is a wallet compartment because it is so well hidden, and unless they specifically know how to open the SAFE Wallet door, it will likely remain closed.

The next two videos give a useful overview of how Find My Phone works. The first video was filmed in 2010, but not much has change, except Find My Phone is now part of the free Apple iCloud service, and now Apple added a feature that allows you to find your laptop or desktop as well.

What Should I Digitize & Keep In My iPhone

The iPhone is a truly amazing invention which becomes increasingly more powerful by the day. There are some really amazing Applications for the iPhone that are mind-blowing!!! The pace of innovation of iOS apps can be challenging to keep up with, but in time, you will master everything. Here is a list of 5-Star Applications for the iPhone which will significantly enhance your life:

1Password by Agile solutions. 1Password essentially allows you only have to remember one password to be able to access everything in your world that is password protected. 1Password works on your Mac, and there is an iPad and iPhone version. 1Password also has an account feature that allows you to enter in all your confidential financial information like bank account number and credit card numbers. 1 Password uses super-strong data encryption which is the same as what bank use, so you data will never be compromised. 1Password offers an Apple and a Windows compatible version, and you can download a free 30 day demo.

CardMunch is a free application from LinkedIn that is available in the Apple iOS App store. Card Munch allows you to digitize business cards, and have them added to your iPhone Contact list as well as to your iPad, or Mac desktop or laptop by syncing through iCloud. All you have to do is take a photo of any business cards, and it will automagically transfer all the contact information to your address book. This includes name, title, address, phone numbers, and email. It even has an option to keep the photo of the card, just in case you later want to look at it in the future. So download CardMunch and when somebody offers to give you a business card, take a photo of it with CardMunch and hand their card back to them, so you don't have to warehouse their card.

Clear is an amazing productivity application for iPhone and Mac, that is capable of syncing through iCloud. If you are into GTD (Getting Things Done) this application if for you. If you have not read the best-selling book, Getting Things Done, by David Allen, read it immediately!!! Clear provides an amazing solution for getting all your ideas out of your head and into a trusted system. The key to success with Clear is a desktop version of the application, that syncs with your iPhone or iPad. This means every screen you are in front of, will have all your To-Do lists. The Clear application has an incredibly well thought out and fun user interface, and of course it will replace any sticky notes in your wallet. Clear is also great for maintaining any kind of list, like a grocery list, or trip packing list.

Dropbox is yet another Must-Have application for digitizing your world. Dropbox is completely free and offers a Mac desktop application as, well as an iPad and iPhone version. Dropbox can also be accessed from any web browser.

Evernote is another Must-Have application that is mind blowing. Evernote is completely free and offers a Mac desktop application as, well as an iPad and iPhone version. Evernote can also be accessed from any web browser.

Key Ring is a free application that is available in the Apple App store. Key Ring allows you to digitize bar coded cards like a Gym cards, Library cards, Loyalty cards, Rewards and many other types of membership cards. It even allows you to scan Coupons! All you have to do is take photos of your existing cards, and it does the rest.

Keep Your SAFE Wallet Safe With A Lanyard

The SAFE Wallet has built in lanyard holes that can be used to accommodate a wrist or neck lanyard, for which there are many uses. For instance, If you ever go out on a boat and you want to take photos, the worst think that could happen to you is that your phone slips and falls in the water. Same with taking photos through an open car window. A wrist lanyard would really come in handy. Also, the ladies love going out dancing or to a wine bar without having to worry about bringing and losing a purse, and the SAFE Wallet dangling on a wristlet or wrist lanyard is perfect for this occasion.

Also, many people like to run with their iPhone in their hand, and a lanyard protects it from slipping out of your hand. What about a neck lanyard? If you are on vacation and you want to take photos, having a neck lanyard could be invaluable. Let's say you were going on vacation somewhere and you knew you were going to take many photos, keeping your iPhone camera on a neck lanyard gives you instant access to the camera, phone features as well as all other applications. Also, if you attend a trade show, having your SAFE Wallet on a neck lanyard could also be invaluable.


Want to make absolute certain you never loose your SAFE Wallet or have to worry getting pickpocketed? You can attach your wrist or neck lanyard to your jeans or pants by sliding it through a belt-loop, and placing your SAFE Wallet in your pocket. This will ensure you can't lose it or have it stolen. At BulletTrain we are working on developing some really innovative lanyards which we hope to have to market soon. In the meantime, the current models will support almost any standard lanyard.

The SAFE Wallet has built in lanyard holes that can be used to accommodate a wrist or neck lanyard, for which there are many uses. For instance, If you ever go out on a boat and you want to take photos, the worst think that could happen to you is that your phone slips and falls in the water. Same with taking photos through an open car window. A wrist lanyard would really come in handy is those situations.

Future SAFE Wallet Roadmap

At BulletTrain we typically only chose platforms which we believe we can significantly innovate in. We are exploring coming out with SAFE Wallet products for the next iPhone model(s). We are also actively developing solutions for a SAFE Wallet lanyard, and other essentials. At BulletTrain we don't see the SAFE Wallet so much as a product, but more of a user experience, as well as a platform. We already have plans in place to significantly expand the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet and take it to previously unimaginable heights.

In the future it is likely we will offer new and interesting color combinations, and through our strategic partnership with we plan to offer custom skinning solutions for the SAFE Wallet. The SAFE Wallet is filled with amazing engineering innovation, which is Patent Pending, and will inevitably lead to some fascinating new technology. Stay tuned and Stay On The FastTrack!!!


If you have any questions that have not been answered in this BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Guide, or if you want to learn more, please click on the "Questions" link located below on the right side of this window.