Minimalist Masterpiece

When San Francisco based BulletTrain designer, Jake Ehrlich set out to design the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, his goal was not just to build the absolute best wallet case for the iPhone, his goal was to flawlessly & seamlessly converge the two, thus creating the worlds first true SuperPhone. What makes the SAFE Wallet, when combined with an iPhone a SuperPhone? The SAFE Wallet coupled with an iPhone, super-simplifies your life by putting everything you need to keep safe in ONE, Zen-minamalist-like case, while giving the iPhone its first true leg to stand upon.


“I wasn't trying to make another half-baked iPhone case that had some kind of wallet attached to it. My goal was to make the ultimate minimalist wallet that would keep all your valuables and iPhone safe and protected, while always providing instant accessiblity.”

–Jake Ehrlich

Designer of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet

How was this achieved? The goal was to design a flawless masterpiece that not only looked great, but functioned equally well, by optimizing every scintilla of space to the maximum. The SAFE Wallet inner and outer space utilization are optimized to an extreme. The design goals for the SAFE Wallet were highly ambitious, yet logically simple. First and foremost, the SAFE Wallet had to offer a perfect wallet replacement solution experience that was ultra-functional and highly reliable, while remaining uncluttered, easy to use, and most importantly, fun!!! The core essence of the iPhone is that it's so easy-to-use, intuitive and commonsensical. The iPhone has little or no learning curve, thus, the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet had to match or exceed the iPhone standard–and it does!

Making The Case For Perfection

iPhone users spend more time with their iPhones in their hands than anything else, so the SAFE Wallet case form-factor had to be super-ergonomic and comfortable, while remaining highly-compact, super-light-weight, and ultimately elegant. The SAFE Wallet case had to feel like a hand-in-a-custom-made-glove, as apposed to trying to grip a regular sized box of Altoids™.


Nothing was left to chance. Every single line, function and curve was deeply contemplated, and triple-checked for precision, accuracy and optimization. The goal was to turn a highly rectangular shaped iPhone–which was one big right-angled box–into a highly curved, rounded case that constantly felt like a perfect handshake. The iPhone had to be turned into something else. Something that fit much more naturally in your hands. Something not only better, but much, much better. Convexing and highly curving the SAFE Wallet case made it much easier to hold than a naked iPhone–much in the same way a tennis racquet grip is much easier to hold than a deck of playing cards.

The SAFE Wallet also had to do a much better job of holding wallet content, which is why there is only one universal wallet compartment. Unlike a traditional wallet, the SAFE Wallet significantly reduces bulk by eliminating multiple card holders slots. This results in saving a tremendous amount of internal space, while significantly reducing bulk.

Not Just Another Protective Case

The SAFE Wallet also had to flawlessly protect your iPhone from shock and drops while offering a significantly higher level of water-resistance. It also had to have a BulletTrain MagicStand built-in that would allow it to stand up in portrait or landscape orientation on any flat surface, and last-but-not-least, it had to be the best looking case made. Jake Ehrlich was so insistent on the beauty and elegance of the finished product, he said, "I want the SAFE Wallet to look so great, even if it was just a highly protective case, without a wallet or kickstand, people would choose it over all other cases, just because it was so good looking and charismatic. It must be the Cary Grant of Cases!"


Jake also knew, in order to completely reinvent the wallet experience, it would take much more than creating a highly functional, great-looking protective case. He realized the way our society historically looked at using wallets had to be reexamined and completely reinvented. Over the past few years, while Jake worked on designing the ultimate wallet iPhone case form-factor, he experimented like crazy with trying to figure out how to completely simplify what we carry in our wallets. His conclusions were simple but profoundly powerful. It took Jake several years of design contemplation to finally figure out the ultimate SAFE Wallet case form-factor and functionality. In mid 2012, after he made functional prototypes, he began conducting an experiment to see if he could further figure out how to eliminate many of the things we carry in our wallets by digitizing them and putting them on the iPhone.

Everything That Can Be Digital Will Be Digital

Jake thought paper money (bills) were quickly becoming obsolete, so his first experiment was to see if he could successfully live his life without ever spending cash. It was surprisingly easy to go cashless. He kept a single $100 bill in his SAFE Wallet compartment, and never spent it. He also kept a backup $20 bill in the hidden Secret Stash, but never had to use it either. He realized there was only one place he frequented that only took cash, (Nick's Crispy Tacos) in San Francisco, so he got in the habit of bringing a change purse with him when he visited Nick's, The change purse contained several $20 bills. This way he would pay with a $20 bill and put the change in the dedicated change purse which he keeps in his car.

Jake also went crazy trying to figure out how to digitize everything in his wallet that he could, in order to get it out of this wallet and into his iPhone. The results were amazing!!! Of course all photos were digitized and put into iPhoto. He figured out how to digitize his bar coded Gym card, as well as many other cards, including his Safeway card. Jake realized that eventually everything that could be digital would be digitized, and added to his iPhone. As a result, he put together The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Guide to share and document all the insight he gained, so you may benefit from it.

Jake's design goals for the SAFE Wallet case were not only achieved, but significantly exceeded in unimaginable ways. The result is an ultra-functional and highly reliable iPhone wallet case. Not only is the SAFE Wallet ultra-thin, but is also allows instant access to what you need, while remaining secure and very easy to use.

One thing the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and SAFE Wallet have in common is they both enhance Apple products so much, they fundamentally change their nature, by taking them to the next level. Jake's design philosophy has always revolved around designing products that are truly timeless. Jake says, "Timeless design, by definition, is when something looks like it is from the past and the future simultaneously." Jake also believes in creating products that are highly ergonomic, which is another feature the BulletTrain eXpress Keyboard Platform and SAFE Wallet have in common.

Tropical Rain Forest Testing

The photo below shows BulletTrain designer, Jake Ehrlich testing an early prototype of the SAFE Wallet in August of 2012, for iPhone 4 in a Hawaiian Tropical Rain Forest. Notice the iPhone 4/4s SAFE Wallet Model has an optional water-resistant headphone plug jack. The iPhone 5 and 5s don't have the headphone port on the top, but the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s is still incredibly water-resistant – so much so you can use them in the rain. So you can go for a walk in the rain without worrying about your iPhone. This adds all new meaning to "Singing In The Rain."

Please note - The SAFE Wallet pictured is a prototype of the SAFE Wallet's original concept for the iPhone 4/4s, which never went to production.


The unique way that the SAFE Wallet "hugs" your iPhone 5 or 5s means your iPhone won't get any water in the Sleep/Wake button, volume button, or mute switch. Your iPhone is resistant to the elements when its wearing the SAFE Wallet!


Stay On Top Of Everything

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Case has a built-in Magic Stand that allows you top instantly and securely place your iPhone in portrait or landscape on any flat surface. This feature is unbelievably useful, and you will find yourself taking advantage of it all the time. In the photo below we see the SAFE Wallet being used in a gym for timing intervals. You can use this feature in all kinds of places like in the kitchen for cooking.


There are so many advantages to having a built-in MagicStand. For instance, if you place your SAFE Wallet on your bedside table, when the alarm goes off, you can actually see what time it is, or if somebody calls, you can see who is calling. If your iPhone is simply lying on its back, you have to pick it up to see what is going on. Same with text messaging. As new text messages, emails or phone calls come in or any kind of system event, you easily see it on your screen.

Entertainment Everywhere

It doesn't matter whether you're on a train, or a boat or plane, with the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet can you enjoy online video from sources like YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes everywhere you go.


You can even watch you favorite sports teams live on your iPhone, and since the SAFE Wallet has a built in MagicStand that can instantly be switched from portrait to landscape, you can enjoy everything, everywhere, anytime.


Fits Perfectly In All Pockets

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was optimized to fit perfectly in all pockets, by following the natural curves of your body. You can also say goodbye to case ring around your iPhone pocket. The first photo below shows a SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s in a women's rear patch pockets on a pair of jeans. The model in this photo is a size 2, an she is modeling a SAFE Wallet case for iPhone 5/5s.


This next photo shows a SAFE Wallet case for iPhone 5/5s being slid into a rear patch pocket on a pair of men's waist size 34 jeans.


We had to include a second photo since the SAFE Wallet case for iPhone 5/5s falls down into the pocket, out of sight.


Gain Serious Peace Of Mind

Every single detail in the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was perfected. The Patent-Pending Double Lock Door System ensures your SAFE Wallet will always remain safely locked, and your valuables will always be concealed out-of-sight. Let's examine how the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet will significantly increase your peace of mind, while significantly decreasing your stress and anxiety levels. Have you ever lost your wallet or iPhone? If you have, it is a complete nightmare. Panic and anxiety set it instantly!!! The first question you ask yourself, is how you could be so careless?


It's hard to imagine, but owning a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet will likely reduce the likelihood of you ever losing your wallet or iPhone by several orders of magnitude. How, and why you ask? Most people, when they leave the house everyday, check to make certain they have their iPhone, their wallet and their keys. Often times, people will actually pat their jeans or pants to double-check to make certain they are leaving with these three essential items, but if they go to a restaurant, when they get up to leave, they typically don't check to make certain they have their wallet, iPhone and keys. But, when you only have one thing to keep track of, instead of two or three, you will find yourself, constantly patting your pocket to make certain you have your SAFE Wallet. This of course, will result in a Zen-like calm. You can kiss phone and wallet loss anxiety goodbye by keeping it simple. Really simple...

To learn much more about how to best take advantage of using your BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, be sure to click on the Guide button below. In The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Guide you will learn all kinds of tips and tricks for how to streamline your life!!!