Turn Your iPhone Into A SuperPhone

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is available in a model that fits the iPhone 5/5S models, AND the iPhone SE (2016) (shown above). The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet™ offers a complete wallet replacement solution that turns your iPhone into a SuperPhone. Using one will make you wonder how you ever lived without it!

The SAFE Wallet is capable of holding the thickness of 5 credit cards, or 15 standard size business cards. It also holds your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation on any flat surface, as well as being able to hold and conceal all kinds of other valuable things, like cash, keys and coins.


The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is not only a brilliant case study in form following function, but a true minimalist masterpiece you will never want to be without. The SAFE Wallet is a true clutter-buster that will finally allow you to completely eliminate your bulky wallet and replace it with a beautifully streamlined, highly protective iPhone wallet case which is super easy to use.

Welcome To Wallet 2.0

No, you're not hallucinating. Yes, what you're seeing is completely real. Pictured below is a real photo of the all-new BulletTrain SAFE Wallet with the built-in MagicStand™ for iPhone™, and yes, it is securely holding 10 items which include a VISA™ card, drivers license, ATM VISA/Debit Card, a Cash Bill, along with six standard size business cards. You are witnessing a complete game-changer. Welcome to Wallet 2.0. The reinvention of the wallet for the 21st Century!


A Key Feature

If you are going for a walk or run, or walking to your local gym, or a local restaurant, you can easily and securely store 2 standard size keys in the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. You install them in the capsule shaped cutout, and slide them to the sides to lock them in place. To remove a key, simply slide it out the top. Having your iPhone, wallet contents and keys all in ONE place empties all the rest of your pockets, and since you only have to think about keeping track on ONE thing, you are far less likely to lose anything. Also, keeping your keys in your SAFE Wallet will give you additional peace of mind, since you won't have to worry about your keys scratching your phone, or sunglasses.


Streamline Your Big Wallet Instantly

People carry around way too many unnecessary things in their wallets. This long list includes credit cards that are never used, club cards, old receipts; all just pieces of paper or plastic wasting valuable space. What are you carrying in your wallet you could remove or digitize? After all, isn't that the whole point of carrying around an iPhone? Think about it. The reality is, we are living in an ever converging world, and wallet contents, including cash are quickly becoming obsolete–just like pay-phones.


The challenge is most people are basically carrying around file cabinets in their pockets and in their purses. The four wallet images pictured above and below are all real wallets, that were photographed untouched. The contents of the wallet above is pictured below..


Old fashioned leather wallets are a big mess–for many reasons. They are filled with leather compartments for holding cards you will likely never use, and photos that can and should easily be digitized for viewing on your iPhone™. Carrying around useless plastic cards and paper would be like bringing the entire contents of your kitchen to attend a barbecue. This just doesn't make sense!?


Stop Carrying Around A Filing Cabinet!

The ladies wallet below is filled with things she doesn't need to carry with her, especially if she wants to travel light when she goes out dancing, or to a wine bar, or even for a run. The truth is most people only need to cary a credit card and drivers license the vast majority of the time. The Ruby Red SAFE Wallet pictured next to the ladies wallet contains all the contents she needs to carry with her, including an iPhone and house keys!


A Brilliant Case Study

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was designed to seriously save space in your pockets or purse. Notice in the photo below, how huge the pile on the left is, and the naked iPhone 5 does not have anything protecting it from scratches, drops, damage or water. Ironically, the leather wallet on the left, even when empty, is still thicker than a full BulletTrain SAFE Wallet. Ask yourself which you would prefer to carry with you everywhere? It's time to streamline and rethink your wallet strategy. Case Closed!!!


How Thin is The SAFE Wallet?

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is really thin! How thin? The photo below puts things in proper perspective by comparing an iPhone 5 BulletTrain SAFE Wallet in Ruby Red to a black Sharpie permanent marker, and of course the SAFE Wallet is thinner. The SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 is only .63 inches (16MM) thin to be exact, and it only weights about an ounce!


So it is extremely light and skinny, but what about strength? The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet™ is built-to-last and it's made from only the finest materials. it will more than protect your iPhone from scratches, cracks, shocks and drops. You will no longer have to worry and can finally say goodbye to chipped, nicked and cracked screens.

Color Therapy

Want to free-up more than 50% of your precious pocket real-estate? Do you want to clean-up your wallet and turn it into a Zen-garden-like minimalist masterpiece? Then the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet was designed and made just for you.

We are offering the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5/5s in 5 great colors, including BulletTrain Blue, Ruby Red, Rainforest Green, Polar White, Stealth Black.

Your iPhone Will Never Be The Same

No one likes a cracked screen, which is why, at BulletTrain, we designed our highly-compact SAFE Wallet case with both convenience and protection in mind. High-quality rubber covers and lines the entire inside of the SAFE Wallet case to provide highly-protective shock absorption from drops, while providing added water-resistance for all buttons and silent switch. That same rubber wraps around the front of the SAFE to provide added protection for your screen. So it doesn't matter where you go with your SAFE Wallet, because it will always be safe.


Each SAFE Wallet case is made of metallic-colored Polycarbonate, which is bead-blasted to give it a matte finish. This attention to detail results in an extremely light-weight durable case, which if scratched won't peel and reveal paint–just more of the color you chose. The SAFE is also designed to be as comfortable in your pockets as it is in your hands.

The advanced ergonomics of the SAFE Wallet case fit nicely in your hand with little fear of slipping through your fingers. The entire back of the SAFE Wallet is covered in a matte black soft-touch finish, which significantly contributes to its slip-proof nature. Notice in the photo below, the Apple iPhone Up and Down buttons have been covered with a rocking toggle switch (Think: See-Saw). This makes lowering and increasing the volume much more intuitive and ergonomic. Also notice the silent switch has also been covered to make it easier to control.


You can rest assured all your wallet contents will be stealthily hidden out-of-sight of prying eyes. If you replace your current case and wallet with a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Case, you will be far less likely to ever lose your wallet or phone because your awareness will be significantly enhanced when you only have to worry about carrying and keeping track of one thing. In the photo above, it is hard to believe she has a complete wallet hidden away in her phone. What will you keep SAFE?

Secret Stash

Can you keep a secret? The SAFE Wallet allows you to always be prepared. There is a special secret compartment in the SAFE Wallet, located next to the camera ring, which allows you to store all kinds of small things. In the photo below we see a $20 bill folded up origami-style for emergencies. The Secret Stash is only visible and accessible when your iPhone is removed from the SAFE Wallet. You can store many other things in the Secret Stash, like an additional micro-sim card for when you travel internationally, and you can even carry medication or mints in it.


Since paper currency is quickly becoming obsolete, you can free up even more room in the main wallet compartment by excluding cash, but if you keep a spare bill in the Secret Stash (as seen above) you will always have cash money if you ever need it. The SAFE Wallet is shown in the photo above with the main wallet compartment empty, so you can understand how it works. Normally the wallet compartment would be filled with credit and business cards, as well as you drivers license or ID. At BulletTrain, when we say we optimized every scintilla of space, you see we clearly mean it!

Never Lose Your Wallet Again!

There is nothing worse than forgetting your wallet at home! Have you ever left your home and once you reached your destination, realized you forgot your wallet? Then you start panicking because you can't remember if you lost your wallet of simply forgot it? It is common for people to realize they forgot their wallet, at the worst time–like when you are standing in line to pay for groceries, five-minutes before the grocery store closes, or after the bill for dinner in a restaurant arrives.

If you have a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet this literally can't ever happen to you. By carrying your iPhone and wallet contents in one sleek, protective case, you won't ever forget your wallet again. In the unlikely event you ever lose your SAFE Wallet, you can use Apple's free service, named Find My iPhone to instantly locate your SAFE Wallet.

To learn much more about how you can benefit from Find My iPhone, as well as gaining tremendous insight into how to best take advantage of benefitting from a SAFE Wallet, be sure to click on the "Guide" link below. To learn much more about the design of the SAFE Wallet, click on the "Design" link below.